10 most popular questions about sex answered

British newspaper Metro has published the top 10 most frequently asked online questions, one way or another regarding sex, and tried on these questions to answer. As it turned out, most of the Internet users interested in how to bring a woman to orgasm, as well as a number of sexually transmitted diseases.

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Among all the issues concerning chaff, often with the help of the search engine Google people are trying to figure out where the woman is the so-called “G spot”. Metro noted that some scientists believe the existence of such a myth, while others admit the possibility of its existence. According to popular assumption, if this point exists, it is located on the front wall of the vagina on the “depth” of about 5 centimeters and is a little more solid and ridged than the surrounding skin. However, as stated, sensations from stimulation of this point are really bright not for every woman.

The second most popular question — “how to bring a woman to orgasm?” In response, the journalists urge Metro not to hesitate to directly ask the woman about that and pay more attention to the preliminary caresses.

From three issues are somehow related to sexually transmitted diseases. Answering the question “how to get rid of herpes”, the authors note that the way to cure it today does not exist, however, with the help of medications to control its symptoms and reduce the chance that it will be passed to a sex partner. From Strakonice[ warts reporters are calling is not in any way to trying to quit on their own and at the first suspicion to consult a specialist.

The fifth most popular in the English-speaking segment of the Internet the question, “What is the clap?”, on Russian language untranslatable. This word, literally meaning “slap”, sometimes also indicate gonorrhea.

The following two popular questions are about penis length — many Internet users want to know whether you can increase it manually and how it can be measured. Answering the first of these issues, Metro notes that effective and harmless ways to increase male sexual organ “at home” does not exist, measure its size suggested by the line in not too cold weather. It is noted that in reality the size is not the only factor affecting the quality of sex, however, if a man seeks to maximize the deep penetration, it is recommended to choose contributing to this posture.

To the question “at what age can you buy condoms?” the publication notes that the UK’s restrictions on age in this case is not established.

In ninth place was the question “how can I put the male organ into the female sexual organ?”. This Metro says that you must first make sure that both partners are willing to contact with both psychological and physiological point of view.

Finally, the publication notes that the question “how long is sex” is very difficult to answer not only because there are no certain “rules”, but because some will turn this period of foreplay, and some don’t.

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