35-year-old Krasnodar cannibal could start to eat people from 17 years

Terrible news continue to come from the Krasnodar region, where, apparently, detained a married couple of serial killers and cannibals. In law enforcement bodies while officially do not confirm that the couple are cannibals could wield in the region since the late 90s, but doing spatial hints.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

As reported “Interfax” citing a source in the operational services of the region until the criminal case is being investigated on the murder of one woman.

We are talking about the victim, with the body parts which had previously photographed the suspect Dmitry Baksheyev was born in 1982. Also in the case is his wife — Natalia baksheeva born in 1975.

“Now check the version about his involvement in other unsolved since the end of 1990-ies of crimes”, – said the Agency interlocutor. He also added that the house suspects have indeed found some remains that could be human.

For the first time about the maniac the media started talking last week. First came the information that local law enforcement authorities detained the man on the phone who found him self with the remains of a woman.

In one of the photos featured women’s scalp, another suspect posing with the victim’s arm, while the fingers of the murdered woman, he thrust his nostrils and mouth.

During the interrogation, Baksheyev said that just accidentally found a woman’s remains and then decided to be photographed with them. The phone, which found the monstrous pictures, the man lost gadget was accidentally discovered by road workers, who immediately reported it to the police.

Meanwhile, the media reported that the speech can go about a couple of cannibals. During the interrogation, the couple stated that they started killing and eating people since 1999. Also during the search in their apartment and allegedly found banks with preserved human remains, which they could eat.

The couple said that on their account at least 30 people.

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