Academics voted for President ran — the votes are counted, leading Sergeev

The counting of votes for the next President of the RAS began in the Academy, Leninsky prospect, 32. In 1596 involved voting members of the Academy. According to rumors, many members of the oldest scientific organizations give their votes for academician Alexander Sergeyev.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Recall that the rules on the ballot are the names of all five candidates for the post of President RAS Gennady Krasnikov, Eugene Kablov, Robert Nigmatulin Vladislav Panchenko, Alexander Sergeyev. The members of the Academy present at the General meeting, entitled to vote for only one candidate from the electoral list. In accordance with Federal law, elections will be declared valid in the first round, if one of the candidates receives 50%+1 vote from those present at the General meeting of RAS members of the Academy.

In the case that no applicant will receive 50% of votes will be declared the second round of elections. In it are two persons with the highest number of votes, and again fighting for the half of the votes. If none of them reaches percent, in the third round out again, the one who scored the simple majority. If he’s in the third round will not gain the necessary number of votes, the elections will be considered invalid.

At the time of this writing to summarize the first round of voting was less than an hour. According to those present at the election, it is now clear who the candidates is an obvious outsider. For the leading Sergeyev with 681 voice followed by Nigmatulin (276), Panchenko (205), Krasnikov (269) and Kablov (152).

Likely to be announced a second round of voting.

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