California expert, said that mankind will destroy biotechnology

The spread of biotechnology in the long term can lead to catastrophic consequences for humanity, said John SOTOS of the National guard of California in Sacramento. The expert expressed the opinion that such progress when applied for evil, can jeopardize human civilization. He predicts that something like that could happen in a thousand years.


SOTOS suggests that his theory allows to solve the Fermi paradox. This concept is based on the absence of visible traces of alien civilizations in the observable Universe. On the one hand, in the space of a great many Earth-like planets, so that some of them even used to be able to support life, but in this case, the alien super-civilization would have long ago to settle on the space. Thus, the illogical seems like the existence of aliens in outer space, and absence. At the same time, the situation begins to look much less “mysterious”, if we assume that alien civilizations have destroyed themselves before they embarked on the generation of the Universe.

According to American experts, the most likely factor that triggers self destruct civilizations can be considered is biotechnology, and not for example, nuclear weapons, as genetic engineering gets access to more and more countries and people, and therefore, the risk that someone accidentally or intentionally will make with it something dangerous for humanity, is growing.

SOTOS wrote an article in which he shared his insights. At the moment the work was not accepted for publication by any peer-reviewed scientific publication, however, the online library of preprints The expert notes that his opinion may not coincide with the official position of the Ministry of defense.

This is the second in recent time, the forecast of this kind. Not long ago, a mathematician Daniel Witmer representing the University of Arkansas also made the assumption that humanity is still not met with the aliens, as approximately 500 years after the entry into the era of rapid progress of an extraterrestrial super-civilization destroyed themselves. The scientist also suggested that a similar scenario in the future can be expected and the earthlings. However, in contrast to SOTOS, Witmer did not make assumptions about how intelligent civilizations might destroy themselves.

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