Coach of the seaside aquarium was fired for beating a walrus Misha

Primorsky Oceanarium in Vladivostok made the decision to fire the coach who beat the walrus Mike. The man did so, finding no other way to stop the animal from contact with sea lions.

As reported by “Interfax”, the representative of the aquarium Elena Molchanova, “the situation was a freelance. Trying to resolve it, the coach violated professional ethics”.

The Mike in the Oceanarium, described as a very kind animal, but explained that he and his weighing 800 pounds could harm the seals.

However, said the institution “Primorsky aquarium practiced only positive interventions on the animals reaction to the actions of the trainer extremely hard. Violated the ethical standards of the aquarium, the employee will be dismissed”.

Molchanov added that as a result of injuries from walrus no, and also denied rumors that the coach came to work drunk.

The beating incident was not the first in the aquarium: so, at the end of last week it killed the whale, entangled in accidentally fell into the pond tackle, before dying dolphins, sea otter, seal, walrus. The employee’s aquarium Roman Fadeev accusing the authorities of creating a “system of killing animals”, the former head of the institution in the end it was a criminal case.

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