Discovered the star, the mass devouring earth-like planet

In the constellation of Cassiopeia, the American astrophysicists from the Carnegie Observatory in Pasadena found a pair of stars, one of which is in the past “ate” more than ten planets, which was the counterpart of the Earth. That star, called “Kronos”, has swallowed up many cosmic bodies in its orbit, according to a recent study.


The attention of specialists was attracted by a pair of very similar stars HD and HD 240429 240430, located about 320 light years from Earth and at a distance of a few light years apart. Having studied these luminaries, whose age is estimated at about four billion years, the researchers came to the conclusion that in the depths of the first of these contains significantly more chemical elements heavier than hydrogen and helium than in the second. Given the fact that the stars, in all probability, originated around the same time and in the same place, that distinction is hardly possible to explain their “origin”. According to scientists, an unexpected chemical composition of stars can be explained by the fact that HD 240430 swallowed about a dozen rocky planets like Earth, some so-called “supertall” or a great many asteroids.

While the study was not published in any peer-reviewed publication, but the authors submitted it to the Preprint in the digital library

The deity of Greek mythology, after whom it was named star, was afraid of the prophecy, by which it must be to overthrow one of their own children, why Kronos ate his own descendants (later Zeus, who managed to escape this fate, the prophecy realized). Experts considered that such a designation will approach the planet, EN masse “devouring” earth-like planet in its orbit. In Roman mythology Kronos fits Saturn.

By the way, in the distant future the Sun, in all probability, will swallow mercury and Venus and probably the Earth. This happens when the processes in the depths of the lights will lead to the fact that it will turn into a red giant.

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