Expert: “the Players probably want to get the impeachment trump”

Sport out of politics is one of the allegations, strongly refuted the reality of the XXI century. Of course, policy is weakly correlated with physical preparation, and achievements of athletes with political games, but the sport as a tool of influence on society, a powerful social channel has a very real force.

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Perhaps this was linked recently a scandal erupted in the United States. The reason for the conflict was very strange. The US President Donald trump with his usual outrageous said via microblog in Twitter that the us athletes, who in protest refused to stand during the national anthem, must be dismissed.

Previously, several players in the National football League instead of the traditional getting dropped during the national anthem on his knees, hinting at the return of the slave system and brutal treatment by police of African Americans.

It would seem that this particular case would go unnoticed, but not now and not in the US, where the question of racial equality has historically been considered acute and is always relevant. But because this statement was followed by trump not only differences with the NFL, but also NBA — cancels the invitation to the gala dinner at the White house basketball team “Golden state Warriors” due to the protest statements of one of its key players Stephen Curry. A few days ago, Curry expressed his doubts whether to attend the traditional reception at the President of the United States in honor of the NBA Champions.

I must admit, the team supported their leader and made an official press release on refusal to attend the ceremonial event. “We understand that President trump has made it clear that we are not invited to dinner. We believe that there is nothing more traditionally American than the right of citizens to freely Express opinion on issues of importance to them. We are disappointed that you didn’t get a chance during this process to share views or to engage in open dialogue about the issues that we would like to raise.

Instead of a visit to the White house we decided that we will use our trip to the capital in February 2018, to defend the values that we share”, — stated in the message of “Warriors”.

Earlier, trump gave the virtual response Curry on Twitter. “Visiting the White house is considered a great honour. Stephen Curry doubts, that the invitation is cancelled!” — wrote the President.

Demonstrative political actions continued. According to media reports, during the national anthem before the game against the Texas Rangers took a knee baseball team “Oakland athletics” Bruce Maxwell.

Skepticism about Trump was expressed by the famous NBA players LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. “Go to the White house it was a great honor, yet you have not showed up!” replied President James. Not less categorical were made by Bryant. “He whose name gives rise to hatred and anger, whose words stir up dissension and hatred, can not “make America great again” — he wrote about trump on Twitter.

As usual, the pretext for war did not disclose the cause. Obviously, in this case, expressing a private point of view of the athletes has an impact on the emerging public opinion.

To comment on the discussion of sports policy agreed famous basketball coach Yevgeny Gomelsky. It was under his leadership at the Olympic games in 1992 in Barcelona United women’s team won CIS gold medals of the tournament.

— I believe the incident is politically motivated. The struggle of the democratic party against the Republicans stirs up the situation. It’s hard to say bad or good athletes. It is difficult to imagine such in our country. Players who are professionally engaged in sports, have to deal with them. To stand on the political track — not the right thing to do for those who are passionate about running and gets a whopping, exorbitant contracts. This is my opinion — said the expert in an interview with “MK”. I think that is heating once again to rock the boat.

Apolitical person cannot be: someone likes something, someone there. The main charge that these athletes make to Trump, — that it applies without respect to African-Americans and demonstrates this in their speeches. This theme is sharpened the most. For example, when I was the coach of the teams, in politics nobody came. If it came to a vote, people went to the polls. To Express their opinion on the political reasons of this or that action is wrong. Not worth the hassle.

Everyone should do business, who it serves and where more competent. Not convinced that the athletes who are against the country’s leader, competent in politics. Kobe Bryant intervened in the scandal, but in his biography, too, have such deviations, which could be condemned. He was accused of nefarious deeds. This move was picked up and other players and teams. Might want to get the impeachment trump. Apparently, today he is in America is not very popular, and it is split into two camps: some are for it, others against.

Sport is always unpredictable and not planned. Many a great matches when one team advance the other weaker, but it plays more strong, although no one could have imagined. Competition allows you to advance to different positions and heights. Sport is very popular, it is watched by millions and even billions of people. That is fine, but the basic gist of it — the proof of their superiority on the court, the ability to score goals, to fight in the shield.

I’m not sure that a good basketball player at the same time and a skilled politician. Give a small example. If the great center Arvydas Sabonis put forward his candidacy in the elections of the President of Lithuania, he would have scored about 80%. That’s his popularity. But he will not go into politics and does not consider it necessary to do so.

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