Hockey: the forward of “Admiral” thinks that its too early to compare with Masakini

He was recognised as the best striker in the Junior world Cup in 2013. And in the list of scorers, he was second only to Connor McDavid.

He hadn’t had time from Sochi to the Kharlamov Cup playoffs – but the main prize, the MHL was still. His “Hawks” Doge still in the Omsk Spartak. In overtime of the 7th game!


And then he became the winner of the youth world Cup. And its corporate goals admired again and again.

Some call it the “new Masakini”. And some of the “new Fleury” or “new Saint Louis”. What is really there: a stick he owns indeed incomparable.

He had an amazing time in the “Admiral” last season and was deservedly named “best newcomer of the season in the KHL”. And now, finally swung in the last three matches – 8 points!

Meet Tkachev. Vladimir Tkachev. Vladimir Eduardovich…

– Vladimir Eduardych – it’s much better for you to handle?

– Why? – genuinely surprised. You can just Vladimir.

– Otherwise can be confused with other Tkachev – “AK Bars”. He Vladimir.

– Well, we are not confused (laughs). Yes, and not confusing like others. Although we are familiar with. And when there are even kidding themselves on this subject…

And not only name him the same, but also birthdays you have synchronous: 5 Oct!

– Fact. But we Volodya just never discussed. Although I have long been aware of. And he must be aware of.

– We have great reason to speak: you could not be celebrated, to score or to give this season. And that’s 8 points! Yes, in three games…

Yeah, but team points in those matches gleaning. With the “knight” turned out to give 3 assists, all thanks to my teammates for goals. The guys from the press service said that I have for the first time in the adult career happened. Before, maybe only in Canada was…

– A record of your scores? In one match?

– 3 points is probably a record. With a career scoring season (more points per match in average) was given I’m overseas, by the way, but there’s sort of more in one game was not.

– You then come to training camp for the Edmonton oilers. And it seems that even signed a contract, but then canceled…

– Well this is what I have said many times – so does it make sense to repeat? It so happened that I played previous to that time the season for Avangard, too. So legally, as it turned out, had no right to sign a contract with “Edmonton”. Time not spent entire season overseas in the Junior League. And it was not selected in the draft. 20 years I had not yet turned. Such rules!

And I had to go to SKA. And then return to Omsk – and almost immediately go to “Admiral”.

And I found your team! All that is done, the better – learned from personal experience the validity of this phrase. In the draft, by the way, I have no one took it – so now I don’t belong to anyone there…

– Back in Canada: what there is first of all hockey is different?

– I’m talking about youth level will tell you – it’s harder to play, of course. Because of the size of the sites. We need to make decisions faster, speed of thought, quite different. And here it really helped me then. School!

– Which platform you personally prefer?

– Well, judge for yourself: once in Vladivostok, a small area – then I would say that it’s better. Home is always better because…

And charms hockey hazing as well – is not felt?

– The “Admiral” it is not there. But besides me there are other young hockey players.

– The reason I asked: in the popular series “Junior” passed in the adult hockey heroes with this face…

– No, we have a team where everyone can Express themselves. Both young and veterans. All set to show their best side. Lucky you can say, “Admiral” is my team! In General, the series “Junior” looking. Can’t say that all of the series, but I generally liked it, good.

Anyone of the heroes could compare yourself?

– Probably not. Not so good the Juniors know.

– And with someone of the recognized stars of the NHL? You many call because the “new Masakini”…

– This comparison is still too early for me. We have to work and not talk.

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