“Hungary will block Ukraine’s rapprochement with the EU because of the education act

In Budapest, outraged that national minorities have lost their right to study in their native language

– The Hungarian government decided to block all further decisions of the European Union towards a rapprochement of the EU with Ukraine in connection with signing by the President Ukraine the law on education, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Hungary.

“We can guarantee that it will hurt the future of Ukraine” – leads the “European truth” on Tuesday the head of foreign Ministry of Hungary Peter Siyatro.

In the message of the Hungarian foreign Ministry noted that “Ukraine can forget about integrating into Europe”. “Hungary will block any initiatives beneficial to Ukraine in the international organizations, especially the EU,” said Siyatro.

Earlier it was reported that official Budapest insists on the revision of the language article of the law on education in Ukraine, because, according to Hungarian authorities, he violates the rights of the 150-strong Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia. Subsequently, Hungary filed a complaint with the UN, EU and OSCE. In Budapest stressed that so far the national minorities of Ukraine had the opportunity to study in their native language from kindergarten to University, and in the future the opportunity will only in kindergartens and in the first four grades of school.

The head of the Hungarian foreign Ministry called the decision of the President of Ukraine “shameful.” The foreign Minister of Hungary said that Poroshenko declared Ukraine’s desire to be closer to Europe, but the decision to sign this law “far away from Europe, it was made a huge step in the opposite direction”.

As reported, on September 25 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law of Ukraine “On education” adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 5 September. The law, among other things, determines that the language of the educational process in educational institutions is the state language – Ukrainian. In accordance with the educational program one or more courses can be taught in two or more languages – Kazakh, English and other official EU languages.

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