“In Catalonia pedestrian crossings were repainted by the flags of the region

– “Zebras” in several cities of Catalonia in the night of Tuesday to finish the triangle with the star – so they turned into a stylized image of the Catalan flag, the newspaper El Models.

According to her, such pedestrian crossings in support of a referendum on self-determination have emerged, in particular, in the Terrace, Berd, San Pere de Ribes in Igualada.

Meanwhile, the publication notes that the change in road markings at pedestrian crossings is a violation of the code of road safety in Spain and is punishable by imprisonment for a term from six months to two years or with community service from 10 to 40 days.

On the yellow background of the national flag of Catalonia depicts four red stripes. Depending on political affiliation to the left, it is often complemented with a yellow triangle with a red star the socialists and blue triangle with white star nationalists.

On October 1, Catalonia plans to hold a referendum on self-determination, despite the fact that the constitutional court of Spain recognized it illegal.

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