Organizer phone attack on Russia proved the militants of the IG from Stavropol

According to the media, organized large-scale series of false calls about a mining of various objects all over Russia turned out to be a fighter, not a terrorist organization “Islamic state”. It is reported that a former resident of the Stavropol territory, who joined the terrorists went to Syria. Later, the FSB denied it.


According to the Telegram channel Mash, the Russian special services have established the person who is behind the organization of the telephone the attack on the Russian city.

The report says that it is a 28-year-old albert Abrams.

As the channel, this young man lived in the Stavropol region, but then imbued with the ideas of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”, went to Syria and joined the rebels.

In the security services suggest that the purpose of such an attack could be “lulling the vigilance” of the Russians, the report said.

Later, through the channels of the RIA “Novosti” was transferred to the statement of the FSB, which States that information submitted to the Telegram channel about establishment of the organizer calls with threats not true.

Recall that a wave of telephone terrorism started in Russia on 1 September and swept more than 100 cities.

The last call has sounded on the eve in Grozny, which had to evacuate city hall, shopping center “Grand-Park” and business centre included in the complex “Grozny-city”.

On Tuesday 26 September in emergency services reported that it received calls with a bomb threat in the district councils “don”, “Kosino”, “Nizhniy Novgorod”, “Chertanovo Central”, “Novoperedelkino” Lomonosov” and “Marfino”.

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