Scientists announced pornography cause impotence

An unusual form of erectile dysfunction, the cause of which is watching porn on the Internet, is becoming more common among young people. Informed of cases where pornography has led to impotency, was already known — this phenomenon is called PIED — however, in the last two or three years, this happened more and more often, experts say.


PIED stands for porn-induced erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction, provoked by pornography). For the first time this term was suggested by urologist Abraham Morgentaler from Harvard Medical school. This violation is not included in the “Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders” — a list, developed and published by the American psychiatric Association — as long as the scientists there is no single view about this phenomenon. Nevertheless, more and more people aged 20 years or believe that they suffer from PIED, and many experts tend to suggest that pornography, in some cases, can actually lead to impotence.

Sometimes PIED, as expected, occurs even in people with normal levels of testosterone and don’t have suffered any trauma that could affect erection. Moreover, often in violation of the do not help drugs that improve potency — they increase blood flow to the penis, strengthening erections, but if any are missing completely, and the effect of drugs is equal to zero.

According to one popular version, a huge variety of pornography on the Internet in a strange way affects the psyche and the human body, with the result that he simply ceases to experience sexual arousal even in a situation in which “normally” it would be appropriate.

At the same time, some experts do not believe that the pornography itself can permanently deprive the young man’s erection. Some scientists admit that actually pronophilini can be only one set of factors and others that such a condition can be temporary.

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