Sergey Shnurov has confessed his love for Nietzsche and praised the bravery of his thought

At the 27th International film festival “Message to man” in St. Petersburg, which is headed by Director Alexey Uchitel, showed more than one hundred documentaries, feature, short and animated films, many of which are found nowhere and do not see. Among its guests – the legendary Director Claude lanzman and Sergey Shnurov.

Guest of the festival – documentary filmmaker Claude lanzman.
Photo: courtesy of the press service of “Message to Man”

Its most unusual guest was 91-year-old classic of world documentary, French journalist, author of 9-hour film “Shoah” about the Nazi camps Claude lanzman. His main film was made almost 12 years. In the Palace square he was awarded the prize for contribution to cinema. In the panorama documentary showed him a recent picture of “Napalm”, where he remembered the journey to Pyongyang in the late 50’s and romantic meeting with the nurse of the Korean red cross. The ending for the young Koreans, God knows. Once landsman received a letter from her, it is not clear whom it is written. Almost half a century later, he returned to North Korea, and in 2015 took it “Napalm” — thinking about the present and the past of the country and about myself. Landsman fought in the French Resistance, worked underground during the Second world war, he served in the magazine “New times” with Jean-Paul Sartre. His mother was born in Chisinau, and the sister committed suicide. The amazing thing is that landsman is full of life, though, and moves with difficulty, in a wheelchair. But he climbed to the guns of the fortress and the festival tradition shot at noon. When he talks to women, he’s got fire in his eyes. This is probably the most unique guest in the entire history of the “Message” along with Leni Riefenstahl, who visited it in 2001.

The jury of the international competition was to lead a French writer and filmmaker Frederic Beigbeder, but important business detained him in Paris. Replaced it with a much more venerable documentary filmmaker from Armenia, founder of the Yerevan film festival “Golden apricot” Harutyun Khachatryan. Worked with him a Chinese Director and artist Zhao Liang, whose film “Behemoth” in 2015, made a lasting impression at the Venice film festival. The jury worked with the Bulgarian Director rich biography (bartender in Prague, a cook in Washington DC, a gardener in Toronto, a soundman in new York, an accountant in San Francisco), a record of which “a Short film about Yuri Gagarin”, as well as Russian Director of animated movies Svyatoslav Ushakov and Lina Chaplin, a Muscovite by birth, a graduate of VGIK, since 1976, living in Israel. If Claude lanzman is full of optimism, Lina is configured in regard to the “third age” differently. It seems that people are lying to themselves when they many years. At the festival she presented a film about the old “80 and… on.”

“Like my heroine — poetess Julia Viner — I refer to our savory pessimistic age. The film in the original language is called “Extra age”. In a few years will not be enough young to feed a Horde of old people. We met in the process of working with 70 elderly people. They claimed to live perfectly, that they are better than the generation that controls the life. Maybe lied to yourself and me. The elderly who have seen the film, I almost ate it. Young and happening on the screen seems unreal. They think that they themselves will never reach this age.”

Here is the jury selected the best. Grand Prix “Golden centaur” for the best film, it was awarded the “Harmony” by Lidia Sheinina, who studied directing at the University of California, and then at the Marina Razbezhkina. It’s tearing the soul story older women Nina, the suffering of living with her granddaughter and four great-grandchildren, working day and night in their elderly years. Special prize “For the courage of the filmmakers” got the picture “One day in Aleppo,” Syrian journalist Ali al-Brahim, not just working in combat points, who was in captivity of ISIS and a government prison. From Syria, he moved to Turkey, writing his escape on a hidden camera and telephone. In his film al-Brahim has captured the ruined city, devoid of food and water, where there are no hospitals and no place to bury the dead. The amazing thing is that the people living there don’t lose hope.

In the section of short documentary films was a 25-minute picture of the “Oleg” of newcomers from new York Alexander A. Brodsky and Boris Krichevsky about the artist Oleg Kudryashov, caring for the sick wife. And then the question arises: is it permissible to show a helpless man in all its physiological glory? Who has the right to give such permission? Can take responsibility even the closest person to me, as did the hero of the film.

French actress, most non-standard model and Muse of Yves Saint Laurent Laetitia Casta debuted in directing the 29-minute game picture “In me” and is now working on a documentary project. In his first film, say, is largely autobiographical, it told of the torments of creativity, madness directed, filmed at the Paris Opera house film and conductive in its majestic interior extravagant casting. Ranks of half-naked women from 18 to 35, whose shoulders covered by a short black jackets demonstrate their causal place. They seemed to have replaced their faces. And each is unique. Spectacle, I must say, powerful. The Director, though a man reacts to the flow of genitals with indifference, until She is his wife and actress. All of this very banal story just brightened the output of the contenders for the role. One can only wonder what episode of life Leticia formed the basis of the picture. But certainly not a history of recent marriage with the star of the French theatre and cinema, Louis Garrel, with whom Leticia this summer has played a secret wedding in Corsica.

The festival hosted special screenings of the American film “Peter — to sing. Sergey Shnurov” connoisseur of Jewish studies, Germanic and Slavic studies, Professor of film studies at Florida University Dragan Kougia. He came on time, in 2017, rock band “Leningrad” celebrates the 20th anniversary. Last year two of her video for “Exhibit” and “In St. Petersburg to drink!” scored nearly 200 million views online, and that was for Dragan Kuongeza the impetus for the meeting with Sergei Shnurov in Saint-Petersburg. They met and talked about art, the history of the city, its images influenced the work of the rock group, the blockade, Malevich and alcohol, without which no cost, when no one morning. If anyone knows what Cords is a smart and educated person, even though the abusive. About him once made a film, “He curses” Tofik Shakhverdiev and got a rental license. Now this number is not passed. Presenting a new picture of yourself, Cords in red shoes indulged the audience strong language and tobacco smoke. Mat, in his words, just a combination of letters. They all say that. If tomorrow on the street, people suddenly start to talk Japanese, and the Cords will start to write in Japanese. He and his people speak the same language. After the film had the opportunity to ask questions to the hero of the film. Cord was in good spirits: “I’m always in a good mood. I’m interested in horrors, and oddities. I delighted”. He said that the group “Leningrad” — out genres: “We are postmodernists. Creativity I was not engaged never. I have no desire to reflect your immortal soul. For me all game. I solve puzzles”. About the musicians said: “people are stupid, glades don’t know never. And ordinary people no… (followed by three immortal letters. — “MK”) is not necessary”. About alcohol, idols and TV Cords thinks so: “From alcohol occurs, the deformation of consciousness. Not everyone she goes. The position of the alcoholic is in some ways akin to the position of the magician in Egypt,” “the Courage of thought I admire Nietzsche. He was fearless,” “I don’t know a person after forty, who refused to lead a program about lions”. Cords engaged in “everything and nothing”. Fan Li from the battle? “I battlem over the following five years. I’m not a fan. Rooting for Zenit for a long time, powerfully, then recovered. Oxxxymiron — star. The pus had to break through. And he broke through. Public debate in recent times it boils down to, sold or not sold, stole or did not steal”. In the lecture hall of the Main headquarters of the Hermitage in the days of the festival cultural studies and Director Dragan Kuyunjik gave a lecture “Liquification and the closing of the Museum Sokurov and his”. So Sergey Shnurov included in the annals of culture.

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