“Take in Janelidze, want to live!”: The last word is bitten by a snake blogger

Details the absurd death of 31-year-old videoblogger and the owner of cattery of exotic animals Arslan Valeev became known to “MK”. During the live broadcast on the Internet portal on 23 September Valeeva was bitten by a poisonous snake – the black Mamba, he fell into a coma and later died. Saint-Petersburg Institute of Emergency care. I. I. Janelidze confirmed the death Valeeva.

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As it became known “MK”, according to one version, the last time the shaft was very worried because of separation from wife Catherine (they don’t live together more than a year). Two days before the tragedy of young people have applied to the Registrar about the divorce. The initiator was Catherine – allegedly Arslan raised her hand.

According to friends, in the night of 23 September, the run was a little drunk. He went on the air, dictated the phone to Catherine and said that I would be glad to see her, if she will have time to arrive before his death. The young man said dies and said goodbye to everyone.

A friend blogger Andrew Derevyankin little explained the situation – on September 23 at 2.14, he placed the record on the wall of one of the communities that Valeeva was bitten by a black Mamba, and he was taken to the intensive care unit, without specifying what the medical institution. Until the evening of September 24, Derevyankin left a message about the critical condition of the other, and at noon on 25 September there was a record about death. Again without any details.

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“Dying bitten by a snake video blogger”

“MK” has found out details of the tragedy.

First and only call for an ambulance Vsevolozhskaya (here lived Valeev) was registered on 23 Sep in 1.18. Number blogger called a girl. She seemed familiar and asked doctors, “03” urgently come to the house of her friend being attacked by a snake. The young man, she said, was in a poor condition.

The doctors was about to rush on the call, as the girl called back and reversed the call without explanation. Valeev, after consulting with friends, decided to get to the hospital on their own.

My friends took leading blogger in the asylum of Saint-Petersburg research Institute of Emergency care. I. I. Dzhanelidze. The patient was placed in the office of the ward for intensive care. The doctors fought for the patient’s life, but at 11.08 on 25 September he died.

Employees SK the Russian Federation across Leningrad region is carried out according to fact check. They have already talked with the stepmother Svetlana Valeeva. Blogger lived in one-storeyed private house on street Youth (the next house was occupied by relatives). In the basement of the house was standing terrariums, which contained different snakes. Black Mamba, by the way, sat apart from all.

We were getting ready for bed, when suddenly her husband called Catherine and told that the stepson was bitten by a snake. – said Svetlana. We ran out into the yard, Arslan was lying near the gate. Literally, he said, “Take me to Janelidze, I want to live.” We loaded the guy in our “land Rover”, I sat behind the wheel. All the way Arslan terribly torn, he complained about the cold and several times repeated, that the terrible wants to live and did it not specially.

After Arslan was hospitalized, Svetlana called Catherine — she came and helped find a snake (the family did not know where it is). However, the black Mamba sat in a closed terrarium.

Mother Arslan would like to continue the work of the son. But the father is strongly opposed to in the adjacent house contained poisonous snakes and wild cats (in Arslan, besides the snakes, there were three lynx). Catherine, meanwhile, plans to attach all Pets.

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