“The CEO of Equifax resigned after 12 years because of cybercandy

– Chief Executive officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American credit Bureau Equifax Richard Smith resigned after 12 years of operation due to large-scale breach of cybersecurity, in which hackers could obtain access to personal data of half the population of the United States. As they say in the company message, the decision takes effect immediately.

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Equifax shares were suspended on Tuesday pending the announcement from the company. After the resumption of trading, the stock fell 1.5%.

“The incident in the field of cybersecurity have affected millions of consumers, and I dedicated myself to correcting this error, is given in the press release, the words of Smith. – I believe that new leadership at this critical juncture will be the best decision for the company and will allow it to move on.”

Equifax started looking for a successor to Smith. Transitional President for the Asia-Pacific region Pauline du Reg Barros Jr. will be the acting CEO. The duties of the Chairman of the Board of Directors will temporarily pass to one of its members – Mark Feidler. The resignation of 57-year-old Smith was a surprise for the market. It was headed by Equifax in 2005, before more than 20 years he held various management positions at General Electric.

In October, Smith will have hearings in the Senate banking Committee. Equifax shares fell in September by more than a quarter.

According to the company, jeopardized the data of 143 million people. The array of information obtained by cyber criminals, mainly includes the names, social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses and, in some cases, the numbers of driver’s licenses. In addition, they got credit card numbers of about 209 thousand Americans.

For Equifax, the situation is complicated by the fact that three top-Manager of the company, including its CFO, John Gamble, sold the shares of Equifax in the amount of almost $1.8 million within a few days after the revelation of a cyber attack.

Conduct investigations, a number of U.S. government agencies at the Federal level, including Federal trade Commission and the Ministry of justice and the authorities of individual States. Equifax is among the three largest Bulgarian cultural Institute in the USA and is a shareholder in the Russian BKI “Equifax Credit services” – one of the three largest players on the Russian market of credit histories.

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