The initiator of the capture of Krasnodar cannibals: “Found the phone, opened the photo, I was horrified”

We learned the details of the terrible story that unwinds now in Krasnodar, where, according to some, the police have detained a family of cannibals who ate about 30 people. The suspects managed to “calculate” on the mobile phone with a terrible photo that the road workers found on the street.

Dmitry and Natalia Baksheeva. Photo: SOCIAL networks

It all began September 11, when the police Department of the Prikubansky district of Krasnodar hit mobile phone “Samsung”, in the photo album which was discovered a selfie of a man with dismemberment. Here’s how it happened.

One of the employees of the company “Energy supply” Roman hamsters during road works found a mobile phone.

We were working near the street Gastello, put the asphalt, – said the “MK” hamsters. Phone I found near a storm sewer. Of the territory there is dirty and people usually don’t go there, only dog lovers walk their dogs.

Work decided to look at the contents of the phone and climbed into the photo album. There he discovered the only two pictures and was horrified.

– At first I did not even understand what they are. Looked – like, the head, arm. I even thought did not arise that it is a photomontage, I thought that the photos are real.

About his discovery he told his colleagues they don’t even know what to say — you never know now craftsmen and different photoprogram.

But soon, the workers were approached by a man with a small dog.

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– He looked like a homeless person. He said, I lost my phone. Where’s my phone? says hamsters. – I recognized immediately, it was the same guy. So the phone we did not give him, said, know nothing. He left. Just after some time went by the teaching staff. I gave them a mobile phone, said: your job, you sort it out. Explanations in the police I gave, all told, and know nothing more.

As the police found out, SIM card installed in the phone belonged to Dmitry Baksheev, 1982, the Police found that living Baksheyev on the territory of the higher military aviation school them. Hero of the Soviet Union A. K. Serov, together with his wife Natalia, 1975, who worked as the school nurse. To the school the couple already have nothing, but continued to occupy a room in the old officers ‘ dormitory.

When the photo baksheeva that is stored in the passport office, presented a road worker, those reaffirmed — Yes, this is the guy with the dog that was looking for his phone.

Police immediately detained baksheeva, despite the fact that he resisted.

The police Baksheyev said: say, on the evening of 8 September, he found body parts in forest Park at the intersection of Gastello and Dzerzhinsky, put them in a backpack and took it home. There he took a few pictures with the head, then put it in a plastic bucket, filled it with water and went to sleep.

The next morning, about seven o’clock, Baksheyev went to work — he did finish one of the apartments in the apartment house on the street, Peter Metalnikova.

While in the apartment repaired, Baksheyev pulled from the backpack a brush, took a few pictures with her. At the same time, he placed the brush in her mouth, and fingers thrust up his nose. Then he cut off from the wrist the little finger with the knife.

Making your job in the apartment, Baksheyev put the body parts back in the backpack and drove home. And, moving it all the time on public transport.

At home he put everything in a bucket and went to sleep. And the next day, allegedly, made a part of the body in a dumpster near his Dorm.

In a dumpster, which indicated the detainee, no remains have not been found. The police began to comb the area where workers discovered a cell phone with terrible photos, searched also and area flight school. Here to search joined the school cadets. Finally, one of the sergeants came across a horrible discovery – a scalp with red hair. Also in the Dorm officers, where they lived Baksheeva, under the stairs was found the bucket with traces of brown stains, and there and the head in the package.

When the scalp is detained presented with the question of why he did it, he explained that he had removed it from the head before you throw it in the trash. Why? Just did something stupid.

To establish the identity of the deceased, the police walked in the first place, all the shops and pavilions located near the flight school. Some people identified the woman as external data, but who she could not be called (as it became known later, the dead have been identified — according to initial information, the 35-year-old native of the Kirov region Elena/).

The victim — a native of the Kirov region Elena V. Photo: social networks

A few days later the story got even more terrible sequel. However, while it is not clear what is in all of this truth.

According to some, the house the couple was searched. There, investigators found cell phones that belonged to people that had been missing. Of course, he Baksheyev claimed that he found.

But there was another finding, which is not a little puzzled investigators. The couple in the room found video tutorials that teach cooking… human flesh. Kuban media, meanwhile, reported that were found and jars with preserved body parts.

In this jar preserved human remains. Photo: PRESS service of the interior Ministry in KRASNODAR REGION

According to some sources, in Krasnodar was caused by a specialist psychologist with rare qualifications. He alleged, and were able to talk with Natalia Baksheeva.

As the local media, referring to its sources in law enforcement bodies, the wife baksheeva, allegedly admitted that she and her husband ate people and even harvested their meat for future use — make it a stew.

Baksheevo allegedly showed dozens of photos of people who since 1999 was considered in the city missing. And she had already learned about 30 people, who were their victims.

On not confirmed while information, the remains of seven dead already discovered by the operatives.

To confirm officially this information was not possible — phones of the press services of law enforcement bodies of Krasnodar on Monday for a day respond to calls with a busy signal.

At the same time, the Internet portal Kuban-24 in a press-service of SU IC RF for the Krasnodar territory reported that so far neither confirm nor deny these data is not possible, the IC checks whether this information is true.

Local media in the Krasnodar police said that the question of 30 is not dead, and while the detainees confessed to only two murders. One involves a selfie that was found in phone baksheeva. The second killing men, as he admitted, he did in 2012.

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