The moment of truth in the Academy of Sciences: the election of the President of the RAS began stress

For the Russian science this week came the moment of truth. Monday in the Big hall of the RAS on Leninsky Prospekt, 32 (the famous “Golden brains”), began the elections of the President of the Academy. Elections actually broken in the spring of this year, there are new rules. And waiting for them at least the appearance of a true leader who can put an end to the protracted strife between scholars and officials, between the RAS and FANO.

However, can you? The first day of the General meeting were allocated to the candidates for submission of applications. Watching the reaction of the hall, the correspondent “MK” was able to estimate the alignment of forces before today’s vote.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Smiles on this day, the room was a little — too much is at stake. All dressed to the nines. Drew the attention of Seating arrangements in the hall: scientists seem divided into two camps. Left candidate Evgeny Kablov and Gennady Krasnikov, the center — acting President of Sciences Valery Kozlov and the head of the FANO Michael kotyukov, on the right — all the other candidates (Nigmatulin, Sergeev, Panchenko). Was spotted among the audience and the Director of the Kurchatov Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk. “For her to cheer here,” whispered in the corridors.

It is well known that “their” candidate for Kovalchuk is the Chairman of the Board, Russian Foundation for basic research Vladislav Panchenko.

On the eve of the RAS in the person of the acting President Valery Kozlov wrote to all members of the Academy’s message about the election. The order is quite rigid: there is an abbreviated discussion of candidates — no more than four academicians. This aroused the indignation of the General meeting — after all of the questions to the candidates have a lot. General dissatisfaction was expressed by the academician Vladimir Zakharov and demanded to give more time for discussion. Kozlov promised, if necessary, extend it. The members of the Academy, composed of 1381 persons agreed, and the speeches of the candidates began.

Position Evgeny Kablov and Gennady Krasnikov was similar in many respects. In particular, both have called for a change of status of the Academy, that is, gain her powers. “Honestly, I speech they liked, commented on these statements during a break Valery Kozlov. — I think all the candidates have good chances of winning, except those who put too unreal plans — for example, offer to return all the institutions that have moved beyond 2013 under the control of FANO”.

Who is offering it, the goats did not specify.

“Why do you think it impossible to return back to institutions of RAS? — asked the correspondent of “MK”. — Got them quickly out of the Academy, passing FANO?”

Academician Kozlov recalled the case of transfer academic institutions in narcophony as President of the RAS academician Keldysh. But then, when this experience was not justified, they were very quickly returned back to the Academy. “Maybe we should return to the institutes would now, but I think it happened not too fast, after all, much has changed in our system over the last four years,” said Kozlov.

About the nature of these changes, acting President diplomatically silent. However, he understood everything.

Most sincerely, clearly and competently, the Director of the Institute of applied physics RAS Alexander Sergeev. And the performance of the most controversial candidate for President of the RAS Vladislav Panchenko has caused significant protest from the members of the Academy at a General meeting.

Allotted for the presentation program 20 minutes, and almost infinitely read in the paper that reminded me of the speech of General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev. However, not even the style of speech, which strangely matched the calls to develop a digital economy (apparently, it was referring to the statements of the President of the Russian Federation, often consuming the last time that phrase), has caused dissatisfaction colleagues. So, Vladimir Zakharov remembered Panchenko, that he was the only academician who supported in 2013 detrimental, in the opinion of the majority, the reform of the Academy. And corresponding member of the RAS Askold Ivanchik said that since then, as Panchenko has held the post of head of the Russian Foundation for basic research, share of financing institutions in General declined by 40%, but more funds were spent to the so-called oriented research about which in advance known result (here, apparently, had in mind their bias on the part of some oligarchic groups).

Panchenko tried to react, but not too convincingly. So, on the comment about the “betrayal of the Academy” in 2013, he said he really believes the merger of three different academies and one a positive change, but clear arguments has not led. And answering the question about the funding of science, he got off with a phrase from discharge: it is not so, as you said, really we are fine.

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