The widow brought down “Mercedes” on Novy Arbat policeman: “How to raise your sons?!”

Shot down on Novy Arbat “Mercedes” with elite numbers the employee of traffic police, 32-year-old Sergei Grachev, was a father of two young sons — 5 and a half years. Human rights defenders managed to get in touch with the widow of a police officer.

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Meanwhile, according to new information, the officer was not on duty on the dividing strip, and crossed the road outside the crosswalk. DPS officer caught in the headlights of oncoming cars, so the driver of the vehicle (according to some, he is registered in the garage FSO) didn’t see him and didn’t even brake. Such version was put forward by experts in the field of road accident.

Seryozha was the only survivor, cries the grief-stricken Catherine, the widow of the deceased. — How do I raise now Dima and Slava? I in the decree for many years, before that was a Manager in an insurance company. The payments for the youngest child will cease in a month. What am I supposed to live? Place in the garden, the child does not provide, can’t go to work.

For a long time Sergei is working in the police?

— 18 years old. Division I only. In 2012 tried by the interior Ministry to improve living conditions, stood in the queue. But the things are there. Sergey spelled out in the Dorm on Spring street. And we lived with my parents in an apartment on the street 50 years of October. Only “kopeck piece” area of 44.7 square metres of lived, eight people in addition to our family-my divorced sister with a child.

How did you find out about the trouble from the news?

— No. Night to our apartment came three police officers — heads of him. They correctly reported the tragedy. One of them, the immediate supervisor, is now with us support. In the morning came the mother of Serezha, she cries all the time. Her hardest — Serezha was her only son.

Sergey Grachev went to the interior Ministry in 2003, he started his career from the post of the militiaman of the 1st regiment of militia UVO pri GUVD of Moscow on the protection of objects of hydraulic structures.

In 2015, he transferred to the traffic police — to the position of inspector of the 2nd specola DPS on spectrace GU MVD in Moscow. This regiment is considered an elite police as serving Rublevsky highway. By the way, to come here and work a snap, since high turnover — a lot of inspectors don’t like to be on duty on the dividing strip.

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We talked with a witness of the accident. A Muscovite by the name of VEGA one of the first to call emergency services of the city. Although after a minute or two near the wounded policeman stopped a passing carriage “ambulance”.

— I heard a pop looked around. To his horror, he saw a man literally flying over the road. Falling on the asphalt, the police never moved, I realized that he was dead. 03 doctors examined and immediately covered the body with tarpaulin.

— What did the driver at this time?

— He stood back and watched. The body did not fit.

In “Mercedes” were the passengers?

— No. Although we thought at first that “Mercedes” was traveling not alone. Ahead seems to have been a Porsche, but he quickly went forward.

— Why the driver of the vehicle did not notice the traffic police on the median strip?

Usually depeest this specola stand on the traffic island near the sidewalk. And this COP, apparently, was crossing the road outside the crosswalk, although directly underneath the underground “perehodnik,” suggests the lawyer Stanislav Lagoiko, a former employee of GSU GU MVD in Moscow, at the time responsible for investigating high-profile accidents. COP stopped on a dividing strip, passing flow of traffic. He was standing closer to the left edge of the strip. And got into the flow of oncoming headlights, have stood directly in the light beam. Reflectors on clothing depannya in this case, it is not working.

The driver of “Mercedes” a pedestrian could not even see — that is why the machine is not inhibited. Braking the driver has taken after the collision. Most likely, the vehicle was not included sound alarm — otherwise the police probably would have somehow reacted to the approach of the car.

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