“Abkhazia is going to recognize the independence of Catalonia

– The Parliament of Abkhazia is ready to recognize the independence of Catalonia in the case of a positive result in the referendum in the region.

“Yes, the Parliament of Abkhazia recognizes the independence of Catalonia in the case of a positive result in the referendum on the independence of Catalonia”, – said “Interfax” a source in Parliament of Abkhazia.

“Every nation has the right to freedom and independence, and that is why Abkhazia will support Catalonia”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

The will of the people of Abkhazia to independence was confirmed in a referendum on 3 October 1999, in which 97.7 per cent of voters approved the adopted in 1994, the Constitution proclaiming Abkhazia a sovereign, democratic, legal state, subject of international law. October 12, 1999, based on the outcome of the referendum, the Parliament adopted the Act on the state independence of the Republic of Abkhazia. In 2008 Abkhazia was recognised by Russia, and later – even several countries, members of the UN.

On 19 September the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Abkhazia issued a comment in connection with the statement of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker respect to the choice of Catalonia if the population vote for independence. “International organizations should abandon the practice of double standards, while recognizing the right to self-determination and self-development for one people and denying a similar right to other peoples”, – said the foreign Ministry of Abkhazia.

On October 1, Catalonia plans to hold a referendum on self-determination. Earlier, Spain’s constitutional court has recognized it illegal. The attorney General of Spain also did not rule out the arrest of the head of the Generalitat de Catalunya in connection with the referendum. Last week the representatives of the Spanish law enforcement agencies seized about 10 million ballots prepared for the referendum.

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