Anti-monopolists have stood behind the slogan “wait for your mother”

To ban the word “fast” in the advertising of medicines considered necessary by the experts of the FAS. But in the phrase “wait your mother” antimonopolschiki found nothing wrong.


As it became known “MK”, under the attention of the authorities included some videos on the Federal TV channels. They were all stories about the miraculous properties of tablets, powders and gels for sore throat, nail fungus and bloating. And in every such advertisement the voice-over claimed that the remedy acts quickly. For example, “the solution quickly penetrates deep in the nail,” or “that gastritis went faster”. Antimonopolschiki felt that such submission infringes on the rights of competitors of the pharmaceutical companies. In addition, manufacturers are never indicated, which means “quickly”: how long is it in minutes or seconds. And in the case of the word “faster” the authors of the advertising forgot to mention that they made such a conclusion. Any links to studies or comparative analysis of their products with others in the roller was not. Unscrupulous pharmacists, the officials issued an order to rewrite the text of advertising slogans. They disagreed and tried to challenge the decision in court, but to no avail.

Also, the agencies had to deal with another controversial video. Viewers of the popular TV channel pelted officials with angry complaints demanding to remove from the air the announcement of the series in which appears the phrase “Wait your mother.” It in large letters was written on the screen. Citizens saw here roughly a curse. But the experts considered that everything is fine. According to linguists, a crucial role is played by the lack of a comma in the text after the word “wait.” If it was, the TV people, probably, would have been fine.

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