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On the one hand the red-and-white helped himself to a point in the match against the group favourites, not earning the game produced a draw, and the quality of the Spartak soccer, which besides the desire to see anything again failed, can cause the fans depression. At the end of the match against England, when desired to draw was nothing, the fans whistled and was not shy of strong expressions, watching as the red-and-white once again sat back a bit.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Fans of “Spartacus” during the match was able to feel in the shoes of the fans “Dynamo” and CSKA, “Anji” and “Tosno”, “Locomotive” and “Maribor” – those teams that are in the current season took the team Massimo Carrera would seem that victory is certain. Now on this side of the fence have proven themselves Spartacists, whom to thank in the first place not even a miracle-save Selikhova, and restringiendo a lot of points of your opponent.

During this season many times heard about some football karma on the debt lady Luck that “Spartacus” returns to the whimsical lady for the championship. Like, remember how many victories were won on the ribbon on the way to “gold”. But if you translate the football talk in a similar plane, then it is time to place the head coaches to invite warlocks and shamans. Mystical interpretation of various phenomena relevant only in cases where no other explanation. The problems of “Spartak” there is a clear trend, so I suggest the devil to leave out.

Another stuck for more than a year ago to the Shoe sole Carrera cliché says that the Italian rode to the title on the baggage of its predecessor Alenicheva that Dmitry Anatolyevich apparently left in the village and still not got it. But this may claim only those who followed the game of “Spartacus” last season, only the match report. Alenicheva heritage eroded quite quickly, and even to the equator of the championship team was exactly karanovska.

I’m not going to extol the Carrera, because it raised the game of the team never showed up. Can from match to match to change the number of Central defenders to shuffle a group of attacking players, but lack the ability to do positional offensive that does not change. In the counter, when there is a free zone in the opponents ‘ half, the red-and-white still good. But only rivals in the Premier League long ago figured Italian walnut and space in attack the Muscovites do not leave. And what about the staff?

photo: Evgeny Semenov
The key moment of the match: Artem Rebrov got injured.

Compare from Fernando today. Brazilian, unconditionally became the best defensive midfielder last season, significantly passed, and the match with Liverpool, where Fernando over and over again inaccurate cross-transmission to partners led to the own goal of the opponents was probably the worst for a player in a t-shirt Spartak. A beautiful goal from a free kick with only a teaspoon of honey. Not with Fernando and has long been injured Roman Zobnina, grisalhos ball and opponents in the Central area, like a Terrier. But the main loss was the injury of ze Luis. Striker never was in “Spartacus” high performance, but it (and not even Quincy promes) was decisive in the attacking team action person. Its highest win rate riding martial arts provided the beginning of a good half of attacks. Remember how many times during the match with Liverpool red and white long passes were trying to find on the line of offside Adriano. And it Luis for any one of them could not go on. The impression that the coaching staff forgot that ze is not on the field, and the game plan seemed built based on its ability to compete on the second floor. I have no doubt that if Luis is on the field, “Spartacus” would be in this game at least 3-4 good attacks. And it not only listed the injured. Long gone captain Glushakov missed the “liver” of Promess, didn’t play till the end ribs Samedov… Say, fatigue from a hectic schedule? But where and when then are tired Timofeev and Tigiev?

The next logical question: why did this happen? Why is the team losing in the end? Talk about the alloy of the coach will send the aforementioned wizards and shamans. The team is in the final stretches of the match resembles a cornered animal, which flees, but is struggling to cope with shortness of breath. The naked eye can see that the players is not enough for 90 minutes. Hence, the reduced legs Samedov, profileplease together on the lawn for 5 minutes and eventually replaced, hence muscle injuries. Carrera says that the physics of his wards, everything is in order, but the recognition of the return would be an admission of their own strategic and methodological errors. And not every coach is capable of. Especially the trainer-the legionary, about the possible dismissal of which is spoken louder.

So whatever plan physical training at Spartak, it didn’t work. If the team will enter the peak, then it’s going to happen during the winter holidays. Defense of the championship with a backlog from “Zenith” already on 13 points with high probability will not take place, European ambitions under a big question. But the opportunity to remedy the situation will still be in the Premier League. Otherwise, a big question will be not European ambitions, and the getting into the following Eurocup season.

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