Cannibals from Krasnodar could supply meat to restaurants in the city

A macabre tale of cannibals from Krasnodar acquires new details. After photographs of the suspects in the killing and eating humans spouses Baksheesh appeared in the media, the Director of the town’s restaurants clutching his head. It turns out that the detainees have repeatedly tried to get a job in restaurants, cafes and offered their products. The details we told the Director of the Krasnodar cafe.

photo: social networks, the interior Ministry

We caught up with Vitaly Yakubenko, who was the Director of the Krasnodar cafe in the neighborhood of Jubilee

When I saw the photo of this lady and her common law husband, in memory began to emerge, memories. For two hours I thought, juxtaposing the facts, began the source. The card that has now gone viral, Natalia baksheeva – in a bright dress, the same she came to me to get a job as a cook.

– Long has it been?

– Somewhere in 2010.

– What do you remember?

– Were very active, much fuss, asked a lot of questions on the subject, where we buy meat and fish, as far as our products are fresh. I said only from suppliers with certificates. Understand that such questions do not just ask. I’ve been working in this field of business. And came face to face with people who are on the cheap trying to sell their goods, including meat. I this woman then seemed pretty Jumpy, overly talkative and very curious.

– You took the job?

– I asked her to fill out the application form. She is confused. She pushed a sheet of paper. Then he picked up the questionnaire: fill, says at home and bring. The more I saw her not.

– Her boyfriend was with her at that moment?

– The same Dmitry Baksheyev stood and waited for her outside the door of the cafe on the trading floor. This man seemed strange. Reminded Sharikova from “the Dog heart”. I thought back then, a strange couple – a beautiful lady and he. Place the operatives would now I asked where she was still working as a cook and who could sell their “products”. You should check all her work, if she worked as a cook, and what promoted them their “product”. For sure, the cannibals were looking for a place selling meat, as it was obvious the main motive for its employment.

– Do you know whether worked Natalia somewhere cook?

– She said that she had experience in this area. According to rumors, some time she worked as a cook like all in the same flight school, though according to others she was a nurse. She was able to settle in any place, we have a lot of unscrupulous leaders points that go into procurement schemes “cheap” meat. It happens all the time. I am often received similar sentences. But I was always afraid to poison their visitors, and carefully selected products, cooperate only with reliable suppliers.

– More she did not come to you?

– She realized that “catch” something and lost interest.

– You could take it to work?

– She gave me confidence to cook-the worker was clearly not similar. I know that the chefs do not grow long bright nails. Well, outwardly it looked very challenging.

Natalia hinted that she has cheap meat?

– No, she’s only interested in our procurement. Behaved is underlined in business, too, with looked tense.

You asked Natalia, how many years she worked as a cook, she has a great experience ?

– She said that experience a decent .

– About the meat – heads cafe can take and canned products?

– Of course. Cheap goods with their hands take in any form — canned, and minced, and frozen. I was a witness to such proposals. But he always refused such offers, because always remember a case that occurred in the 90-ies in my eyes. I was a 15-year-old boy, when police in my area arrested a supplier of meat. The man wheeled the cart-freeze, where he kept his product. When they opened the truck, they found human remains. The guy also sold their goods to the restaurants…

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