Climatologists: by mid-century, 40-degree summer heat will become the norm

A group of researchers representing the international organization World Weather Attribution, told about the reasons of anomalous heat observed last August in Italy and Croatia as well as in the South-East of France. Experts came to the conclusion that the cause of sudden increase in temperature was anthropogenic climate change, and by 2050 this will be repeated in Europe year after year.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The so-called heat wave in August led to the fact that in the hottest points of the thermometer did not fall below 30 degrees Celsius even at night for three days. Experts say that in the middle of the last century as markedly similar phenomenon in the Mediterranean countries of Europe itself did not show. However, according to the researchers, in the future a sharp increase in air temperature will occur more often while the 40-degree heat will become more common in countries where today the air is not heated so almost never.

According to experts, a number of studies can serve as a proof that it is human activity that has resulted in increased climate anomalies, and the only way to stop or at least slow the process can be a sharp reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Also, experts tend to believe that climate change made hurricanes that recently struck the U.S. and Caribbean, so devastating. At the same time, scientists emphasize that these vortices represent a much more complex phenomenon than heat waves, so for a more detailed examination of the factors influencing them will require a lot of research.

Climate scientists often claim that global warming provoked by people, before long can greatly change the world. However, some experts believe that humanity is in this respect closer to the “tipping point” (in particular, an international group of researchers from the UK, Sweden and Germany in June “nominated” her for the year 2020), some say this point has already been overcome, and even measures to protect the environment will not stop and hardly even slow down climate change.

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