Died artist Andrew Grositsky, committed quiet “revolution” in the format pattern

In Moscow on 25 September he died, a representative of the generation of “the sixties” Andrey Grositsky — this was reported today by his family.

Andrey Grositsky. Photo: from personal archive

Creativity Grositskogo associated with the domestic non-conformism. His style and position were formed in the 1960-ies in a circle of artists of the Moscow underground such as Erik Bulatov, Ilya Kabakov, Ivan Chuikov, Yuri Zlotnikov, Boris Turkish.

First, giving tribute to some extent, and metaphysical art, from the early 1970s, he developed his own visual language based upon the ratio of space and subject. The subject, as a rule, individual, expressive, squeezed between hyperrealism and fantasy, becomes the Central motif of his works, created as the original busy picturesque objects.

– This is a huge loss for our culture, – says gallery owner Pop/off/art Sergei Popov, a friend of the master and exposes his work. – Paintings Grositskogo have absolute awareness, you could say he created his own world of painting. Being a very modest person, but always hard working artists, over several decades, he made an almost silent “revolution” in the format pattern which is sure to be one of appreciate all over the world phenomena of our contemporary art.

Grositskogo decided to mention among the founders of “Russian pop-art”, but at the same time his art is characterized by a symbolic, metaphysical content. His painting has an exceptional recognition not only in the domestic arts, but also in the world. His works are in many museums (including the Tretyakov gallery, Russian Museum, Moscow Museum of modern art, Zimmerli Museum) and the major private collections and foundations in Russia and abroad.

Help “MK”: Andrei Borisovich Grositsky was born in Moscow on 23 November 1934. In 1959, he graduated from MGHI them. V. I. Surikov. From 1962 to 1994 he taught at the people’s Correspondence University of arts (ZNUI) together with Mikhail Roginsky, Boris Turkish, I. Chuykov. In 1968 he joined the Union of artists of the USSR, but continued very individual search in painting and soon began to take part in the apartment exhibitions of unofficial art. In 1975 his work was shown on one of the first exhibitions of “forbidden” art in the pavilion “culture House” on VDNH, and next year Grositsky involved in “experimental” exhibition in the hall of the Union of artists together with P. Belenko, A. Slepysheva, O. by Rubles, Mikhail Roginsky, and others.

Already in 1977 his work for the first time becomes Museum (Istra situated near Moscow). Active exhibition showing art Grositskogo begins in the restructuring. Since that time he new working with picture space, solving its three-dimensional plastic object. In 2007 he had a solo exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery, and in 2015 – retrospective at the Museum of Moscow.

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