Durov has published the letter of the FSB with the requirement to decipher the communications of users of Telegram

The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov told about the documents at the London office of the company from the Russian authorities. According to the attached recording Durov social network “Vkontakte” documents, violation of the “law of Spring” the FSB is made in respect of the messenger Protocol. The Ministry also invited the legal representative of the company in Moscow.

photo: vk.com

The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov commented on the establishment on it of a criminal case in Iran. Durov said that now he can not visit this country. In Iran a product of Durov are already more than 40 million people. In Russia this figure is closer to ten million mark.

While the actor expressed the opinion that our country will soon catch up with Iran not only in the number of messenger users, but “in institution on the leadership of the Telegram”.

As stated in the publication of Pavel Durov, the Federal security service of Russia prepares the minutes on the Telegram. The reason for the Protocol was the failure of the company “Spring law”, which the founder of the messenger calls “unconstitutional”.

“Because of the failure of the anti-constitutional law Spring FSB is on us administrative reports that, according to lawyers, will inevitably lead to litigation,” reads the message.

To your post Durov attached two documents which are sent to the London office of the company.

31 August came the notification that in respect of the Telegram will be issued a Protocol on the drafting of which invited the legal representative.

September 14, the office received a copy of the report “for failure in its duty to provide the information necessary to decode taken, transferred, delivered and (or) processed email messages”.

A day earlier it became known that Pavel Durov was involved in the case in Iran due to the popularity of the messenger of militants of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”. That explained the institution of the case, the Prosecutor of Tehran Abbas Jafari. Also, the authorities believe that the messenger used traffickers and distributors of child pornography and drugs.

“I’m surprised by this news. We actively block terrorists and pornographic content in Iran. I think the real reasons lie in the other”, — commented the founder of the messenger this news in the social network.

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