Football, Europe: Gancharenko ready to surprise Mourinho

September — traditional football time in the Russian championship, when the matches of the Russian Premier League are beginning to look not only through the prism of the standings and medal ambitions of participants of the championship, but weekly assessing the degree of readiness of our European representatives in the European Cup the same battles.

photo: Evgeny Semenov
The loss of Mario Fernandes for CSKA a huge problem.

Here and in the Matchday in the Premier League, the focus was not only unprecedented, albeit parochial, the performance of Amkar, who scored in gate of the unfortunate SKA as much as for the 10 previous matches of the championship put together. Ghost ligachampion “Manchester United” invisibly present in Khimki, where he played for CSKA. In Rostov-on-don, Krasnodar, where they spent their matches “the locomotive” and “Zenith” accordingly, there, he reminisced about the Czech “Zlin” and Spanish “real Sociedade” with which Muscovites and Petersburgers will meet in the Europa League.

CSKA: how to play without Fernandez?

The main event in the Moscow Derby CSKA — Dynamo was not even the loss of army points, and the injury of Fernandez received a Brazilian defender with a Russian passport in the 29th minute of the match. Mario was forced to leave the field, and his place was taken by Kirill Nababkin. The overall picture in defense changer is not spoiled (CSKA acted in that match the first number, and often the ball was on the half of field “the Dynamo”), but the attacking potential of red-blue with the loss of Fernandez declined markedly.

Even more noticeable personnel blow to CSKA could be is that the loss of Pontus of Wernbloom, being the link between defence and attack, but, fortunately, the Swede health problems not experiencing. But how to play against Manchester United without Fernandez? Viktor Gancharenko has called a meeting with Manchester United Jose Mourinho decisive for his team in the group stage. It turns out that a necessary minimum, which can be agreed to by Muscovites, — a draw. Preferably goalless.

In all other cases, you need to score, and the absence on the right flank of the Russian Brazilians reduces the attacking power of the team almost in 2 times. Without Fernandez required the player to cover the right flank before the defender, because you can put on the fact that Nababkin will close all flank in the match against Manchester United, it would be naive and imprudent. A similar rebuild to not have the ability to boast of the depth of the roster is extremely painful.

Announcement: UEFA Champions League. Group A. CSKA — “Manchester United”

27.09. Moscow. “VEB-arena”. 21.45 (Moscow time)

Stream: “Match TV”


Prediction: 0:2

Zenit: Mancini lead the team in peak form

It is no secret that in recent years “Zenith” did not hesitate to give priority to European cups. So Mancini, as you can see in the last games of the Premier League, put his team in peak form for the group stage of the Europa League. In the match with “Ufa” last week, the blue-white-blue just flew across the field, repeatedly breaking the defensive lines of the opponent beautiful combinations. And in a recent match against occupying at that time the second place in the standings Krasnodar “Zenith” and all gave almost perfect first half, the exemplary playing both defensively and in attack.

Before the Italian coach of Zenit, it is a serious issue but it is rather more trouble, which is called the pleasant: to bet on the Argentinians, as in the last match, or the Russians? Frankly weak places in a flexible arrangement Mancini is not as such. Each position is duplicated by a high level player. Problems may arise if the Spaniards the whole team will fall in his own penalty area, but the “Zenith” in a match with “Krasnodar” has shown that it is able to shoot the opponent and from the second floor. And it is not necessary that the last head has touched the ball exactly tall Artem Dzyuba. Gaming scheme blue-white-blue if necessary is pretty easy transformirovalsya in attacking 4-2-4, which adds in action Mancini variability. So even fast and crazy goal in the first minute at the gate Ilia, if he succeeds, the hosts, should not beat out “Zenith” from a faded and familiar seat. Yes and real Madrid are unlikely to huddle to their goal on their own pitch.

Announcement: LE. Group L. “Zenith” — “Real Sociedad”

28.09. Saint-Petersburg. The Stadium “Saint-Petersburg”. 20:00

Stream: “Match TV”

Rates: 2.25—3.50—3.00

Prediction: 2:1

Lokomotiv: Cup character squads Semin

And in a recent Cup match in Samara, and in extreme round RFPL Lokomotiv scored some crucial goals in injury time, thus showing that the good old Seminsky spirit remains the hallmark of the teams of Yuri Pavlovich. The closest rival of Muscovites is not the giants of European football, and the total cost of the players “Zlin” is not up to the one that would have been required to pay if you want to buy two age defenders of “railway” — Vedran Corluka and Vitaly Denisov.

With high probability, the Muscovites will have an overwhelming territorial advantage, and on the foreground there will be the realization of opportunities. And it is encouraging that in the last round of the Premier League was able to score a goal scoring Adair. The author of the winning for the Portuguese goals at the Euros before his game left a mixed impression, at times missing from a killer position, but after a visit to Rostov-on-don, the dog needs to feel confident in their abilities. The main task for “Loco” — as soon as possible to open the scoring. The rest will be a matter of technique and discipline, which wards of Yury Semin does not hold.

Announcement: UEFA Champions League. Group F. “Lokomotiv” — “Zlin”

28.09. Moscow. The Stadium “Locomotive”. 22:05

Stream: “Match TV”

Rates: 1.30—5.00—11.00

Prediction: 2:0


Premier League. 11-th round

“Dynamo” — CSKA — 0:0, Spartak — Anji — 2:2, “Ural” — “Tosno” — 3:1, “Ufa” — “the Arsenal” — 1:0, “Rostov” — “the locomotive” — 0:1, “Krasnodar” — “Zenit” — 0:2, “Amkar” — “SKA-Khabarovsk” — 3:0, “Ahmad” — “Rubin” — 1:0


Alexander Kokorin (“Zenit”) — 7 goals (0 penalty). Quincy Promes (Spartak) — 6 (2). Fedor Smolov (FC Krasnodar), Jonatas

(Rubin) — 4 (0).


29.09: “Arsenal” — “Krasnodar”

30.09: “SKA-Khabarovsk” — “Rostov”, “Tosno” — “Ahmad”, “ruby” — “Amkar” “Spartak” — “Ural”

1.10: CSKA — “Moscow” “locomotive” — “Dynamo” “Anzhi” — “Zenit”



Goalkeeper: Andrey Lunev (“Zenith”)

Defense: Bronislav Ivanovich (“Zenith”), Toni Šunjić (“Dynamo”), Wilker Angel (“Terek”)

Midfield: Janusz Gol (Amkar), Aleksandr Erokhin (“Zenith”)

Pavel Komolov (“Amkar”), Adlan Katsaev (“Anji”), Sylvester Igboun (FC Ufa)

Attack: Antonio Eder (“The Locomotive”), Alexey Evseev (“Ural”)

Alexander Pokachev




Jose Mourinho would not be special if it had not been tricky. Press conference on the eve ligachampion match with CSKA head coach of “Manchester United” began with compliments of the team: “I met with this team more than once, as coach of real Madrid, Chelsea and inter. Now came the turn of Manchester United. I can say that CSKA are the strongest over all the past years.”

So. Not strengthen in the transfer window CSKA — the most turns out to be strong.

The head coach confirmed the midfielder “Manchester United” Henrikh Mkhitaryan: “CSKA beat Benfica and looked very dignified. I’m watching the Russian teams, so I know that this season CSKA is playing differently than in recent years. I guess they really have become stronger.”

However, when Jose Mourinho was asked to assess the Brazilian player of CSKA for vitinho, while conducting their brightest season, he said: “I do Not like to talk about rivals. If you praise, it can motivate them. If derision may motivate doubly”.

So, while it appreciated that the current game CSKA wanted them to relax. Tricky.

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