For the murder of Delphine imposed a fine of just 5,000 rubles

Increase fees for illegal fishing and destruction of marine animals plans the Ministry of agriculture. For every valuable fish poachers will have to pay 10-20 times more than now.

photo: Artem Makeev

The Department developed amendments to the corresponding resolution of the Russian Government. On the basis of the new tax will be calculated on the damage that fishermen-illegal immigrants cause rivers and seas. The most expensive will cost poachers Beluga and black caviar.

Type of fish/animal as it is now As is

(1 piece) (RUB.)

Beluga 12 500 206 625

Sturgeon 8350 160 456

Dolphin 2000 5480

Salmon, sockeye 1250 13 675

Shark 100 274

Perch 17 55

Squid 8 22

Black caviar (1 kg) 8350 82 200

Red caviar 3340 27 455


Says head of the Department of sports fishing Rosohotrybolovsouz Anatoly Trump card: “Dachshunds on Beluga understandable. This is a very rare fish, them remains very little. So a high rating is justified. However, it is unclear why Dolphin only valued at five thousand rubles. There’s no logic”.

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