HSE: the Russians no longer have enough money to bribe doctors

The percentage of respondents giving bribes to doctors, has declined sharply in recent years: according to researchers from the Higher school of Economics (HSE), which brought together the relevant statistics, it is said, in particular, about problems with money from the population.

photo: Anna Melikhova

According to the researchers, which leads “Kommersant”, in 2013 he gave a bribe 71.5% of the patients, already in 2016, this number had decreased to 48.5%.

To write off such figures on the number of legalized paid services is impossible, since the number of patients officially paying for their treatment, increased by a far smaller percentage: 18.5% in 2013 to 22.3% in 2016.

Also in the materials, the HSE stated that the Russians in General rarely have to seek the services of paid medicine: for three years they completely refused to 17.3% of patients and 42.8% of the households, earlier to pay for medical services, began to do this to a lesser degree.

The least sagging branch of medicine is dentistry, but in General, the HSE noted another trend: the transition to cheaper drugs, search for economical, including free analogues expensive drugs.

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