MAMMO showed “visual diary” Nikita Alexeev

The main result of the work of artist Nikita Alekseev was a radical stylistic transformation, aggressive art style. However, his current works are more like an autobiographical diary. Visualization of thoughts, experiences and views of the world saw a whole new reflection in the paintings of this artist presented at the exhibition “Dot”.

Meets the viewer a series of paintings called “Dialectical images”. Each canvas depicts a hanging on the thread of the branches, snags and swirls on a background of blue or white sky and blue mountains. At the bottom of each picture invariably contains the words: “Pourquoi? — Parce que. — Et alors?” (“Why? Because. — So what?”). In a side note, the artist explains why he chose the French word: “the Language of Hegel, invented dialectic triad and spiral, I don’t know, and the Russian “so what?” is inferior interrogative-affirmative energy of the French.”General note-a note from the artist accompanies each painting (or series of paintings), presented at the exhibition. In these notes Alekseev tells the story of the writing, delves into memories of childhood, explains the highlight of the picture. For example, the image sticks Alekseev correlates with the view of Blaise Pascal that “man is a thinking reed.”

But the exhibition still starts a little further with the “dot”. One of the explanations Alekseev indicates that it has long been of interest Georges Seurat, but the style of the Sulfur Alekseeva “not approved”.

— Nikita Alexeev is an artist-intellectual, who throughout his work appeals to different cultural layers, — shares with “MK” exhibition curator Anna Zaitseva, — he, for example, there is a great series, which was created in dialogue with the works of Magritte. Creativity Sulfur he used as a starting point, using a technique that was invented by Seurat, to solve their problems, and in the works of Alekseev she assumes different meanings and becomes a practice akin to meditation.

On each picture with “tukaram points”, which would not approve of Sulfur is assigned the number of the most points or the time spent on creating work. “12 days” is a illustration of one day in each month. If you look carefully, you notice that the whole page is littered with points. A riot of colors and colorful tiny circles instantly makes it clear which of the “days” before you is represented. At the bottom of each work from this series Alekseev attributed to the number of seconds for which the picture was drawn and the month shown.

Nikita Alexeev is not positioning itself as a formalist or conceptualist. “I am a woodpecker,” he admits in one of the notes-clarifications. His style is a way to create a visual diary, an autobiography, in which the main role will be to execute and colored dots.

Corporate Trustee MAMM — “Norilsk Nickel”.

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