“Manufacturer of vacuum cleaners Dyson going to release its own electric car

British technology group Dyson, a renowned manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, plans in 2020 to launch its own electric car. Dyson is working on technology for batteries for almost 20 years, writes the Financial Times.

Over the past two years, the company has created a team of 400 engineers, among which former employees of BMW, Aston Martin and Tesla, and hopes that knowledge will give her an edge in the highly competitive market of electric vehicles. “We know it’s oversaturated market,” said company founder James Dyson.

He said that Dyson is investing 2 billion pounds ($2.7 billion) in technologies for electric vehicles. The company will spend £ 1 billion on creating a battery and another £ 1 billion for the development and establishment of a strictly electric vehicle, said Dyson.

According to his estimates, the pace of development of automobile business will soon begin to outpace other areas of activity Dyson.

The company expects that it was developing batteries with solid electrolyte, which discharged is slower than traditional lithium-ion batteries, and the batteries charge faster, will help it to better compete in the market of electric vehicles with more reputable companies.

The project of production of electric vehicles is the most ambitious step of the company, is widely known as a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and electric hand dryers and hair.

In 2015, the Dyson has acquired American startup Sakti3, which specialized in the production of batteries with solid electrolyte technology that is the future industry of electric cars according to many of its representatives.

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