Media sources revealed the cause of death of the terrorist Doku Umarov

Eliminated during a special operation in Ingushetia in the North Caucasus 2013 “number one terrorist” Doku Umarov died from poisoning by some toxic substance. This information leads the Agency “Interfax” referring to the informed source.

a screenshot from the video

According to him, the remains were so toxic that they were transported to Moscow with special precautions. Examination confirmed that this is Doku Umarov.

Official comments with the details of the operation to eliminate the terrorist there is no Agency.

A few days ago, the media learned about the discovery of a burial with the remains of Umarov and four bandits in the forested, mountainous terrain of Ingushetia. The remains belonging to the leader of the North Caucasian bandit underground on September 27 confirmed the FSB.

Doku Umarov was the head of the banned terrorist group “Caucasus Emirate”. According to law enforcement, he was behind the attack on Dagestan in 1999 and the attacks and sabotage in Russia in 2003-2013. He acted in contact with representatives of the banned terrorist groups of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in 2014, said that Doku Umarov is dead. However, the remains of the terrorist had not yet been discovered.

Now, commenting on the elimination of Doku Umarov, Kadyrov called his elimination a turning point in the fight against terrorism in the North Caucasus.

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