Moscow vacation “Liverpool”

The arrival of the English team waited many: longing for League of Champions “Spartak” fans of the current champion of Russia and the many fans of English football in our country.

photo: instagram

But sport is sport, and make new players worthy of the Premier League had not only on the field but also outside it. Is the team led by Jurgen Klopp respectable in one of the larger hotels in the centre of Moscow. Athletes lived quite closed, if not closed. Of course, Coutinho and his team-mates were not assigned to the police, but the hotel staff clearly tracked within the hotel.

Inside the building no visible restrictions or characteristics make it outstanding Reds was not. They took rooms at another time is available and not the eminent guests. Menu in athletes was normal for the hotel, without features. However, known for their independence of the administration of Liverpool (the day before it was she who organized the resulting very unusual and somewhat funny pre-match press conference) and are not changed themselves. In Moscow the team and a few chefs to Liverpool.

Without attracting attention, the English top club took place in Moscow two days.Played sensationally failed match with the red and white teams young players “Liverpool”, headed by recently appointed to the coaching post of the legendary Steven Gerrard and faced off the main team. Despite the ban, by the time of leaving the team and returning back to the hotel at the main entrance certainly was about the fans, mostly young, hoping to see football icons or take a picture with them. The unit is managed.

Gerrard is also not confined within the four walls of a hotel room, and visited with the coaching staff on the red square and was etched on traditional for tourists the background – in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral.

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