On the day of contraception, the researchers see what they think about condoms Russians

The Russians refer to contraception, the world day which is celebrated on September 26? Two studies have been conducted on this subject. In General, compatriots demonstrated the confidence that the responsibility should lie on both sexes.

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As has shown poll spent VTSIOM, more than half of Russians of reproductive age think they know about modern methods of contraception is enough. Young, aged 18-34 years, among much more knowledgeable (almost 70%).

And yet one in three people admit that knowledge in this matter he is clearly not enough. 8% confessed that basically do not know how to protect themselves. This proportion is markedly higher among people of older age group (among 45 to 59 year -14%).

In the modern world with enough information about the possibilities to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. In this issue, rural residents are convinced this more than Moscow and St. Petersburg (81% vs 63%, respectively). This is in the capital cities of contraception used more often than in the remote towns and villages: 71% of inhabitants of Moscow and St.-Petersburg are protected from unwanted pregnancy, while in rural areas — only 42%.

The most common method of contraception – the condom, it is used by 52% of respondents. Hormonal contraceptives are one in five, and 12% strongly believe that to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy helps interrupt the sexual act.

The vast majority of Russians up to 60 believe that both partners have an equal responsibility for contraception (82%). A few interesting facts: 9% believe that protection is harmful to health, 5% can not find a suitable method, 4% fully trust your partner.

Summed up and even one study dedicated to the Day of contraception, which is called the “Index of women’s health”. The survey was conducted only among women aged 18 to 45 years for the second time, so the experts were able to compare the results with those of a year ago.

This question also showed that the most popular method of contraception among Russian women remains a barrier – condom use is acceptable to more than half of our ladies. But, on the other hand, last year supporters of barrier methods was higher (61% vs 68%). Rarely have to choose and methods such as interrupted sexual intercourse (13% vs. 18%) and calendar method (6% vs. 10%). Then as the frequency of choice of hormonal drugs is not reduced and shows a tendency to increase (for the year 2016-2017 the percentage increased from 38% to 40%). It is noteworthy that barrier methods are the most popular among the audience 18-24 years, and hormones, among 25-34 years old. In addition, in the next 3 years a third of Russians (32%) plan to apply these drugs for the purposes of contraception. “We have long lived in the era of myths around hormonal contraception, – said Vice-President of the Russian society of obstetricians and gynecologists Victor Radzinsky. Women were even afraid to go to the gynecologist, not to take drugs for family planning. So today I am pleased to see that the results of our many years of work on destruction of stereotypes, the education of patients, bearing fruit. We remain ready to explain to them the advantages and disadvantages of each drug and to prescribe what best suits them”.

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