Relative Kschessinska continues to insist on the version of the birth of her daughter from the king

Recently, all the media wrote about 19-year-old ballerina Eleonora Sevenard, accepted into the troupe of the Bolshoi theatre. The sensationalism of the news was given by the fact that a young dancer from St. Petersburg is the great-great-granddaughter “of the very Kschessinska”.

Officially — according to the only surviving side branches Kschessinska, a brother of Matilda Joseph. As direct descendants of the ballerina left.

But the family of the Kshesinskaia-Sevenard are convinced that it is not so simple in this world and that their grandmother, nee Celina Iosifovna Kshesinskaya, not really a niece but a daughter of Matilda and… Nicholas II.

Everyone said that Virgin has surpassed the beauty of his famous cousin.

Conceived much later married king in 1910. And not only so, but for the sake of the country.

Girl with a pure blood, which carries broken genes deadly hemophilia ruined the Empire.

This story is so incredible and pulls a rather thick adventure novel, than a boring historical chronicle, what if I told someone else, not the father of the youngest ballerina Eleonora Sevenard, I wouldn’t have believed it.

But Konstantin Sevenard very real person, who is responsible for his words.

Ex-Deputy of the State Duma and Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, fought in Afghanistan, his father, a Communist Yuri Sevenard, in 1991 he ran for mayor of Leningrad and lost Sobchak, and his grandfather Konstantin Sevenard — Patriarch of the Soviet gidroenergoremont, as it was called, passed under the key is not one of the most powerful hydroelectric power station, the grandson of the Konstantin Sevenard is convinced that the scandal in the paper are not random.

Konstantin Sevenard.

…The series “Matilda” went to a new level. Brought to mind the three great princes, Kschessinska was almost mad, and modern Russia. Can we be this? And that it was this woman, to date, meticulously look is not so brilliant beauties? Just a mistress? Or something more?

With Konstantin Sevenard we sit in his office on the Black river, the view from the window is beautiful, the last warm days, sun glare stitches fall on the Malaya Nevka. Peter is still a story, take any house built about a century ago, and found out for sure that he, too, is associated with the name Matilda of Feliksovna: here been to a party, where drinking tea… the Past — it’s so close, almost there.

100 years of revolution — fleeting Sunny Bunny on a cold September water.

— Konstantin, do you are outraged that the name of your grandmother, mother or cousin, rinse today, to be honest, all and Sundry? Would you also sue the authors of “Matilda”, as this is a newly made widow of the nephew of Nicholas II, Olga Kulikovskaya-Romanova?

How can I file a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity, if I did film have not seen? Let it out and then it will become clear. But I think that it is really ambiguous and controversial episodes have probably already been carved out. But if left branchy cranberry, she’s hardly someone can hurt.

— It is not surprising that the name Kschessinska suddenly emerged from obscurity on the eve of the centenary of the revolution?

— Of course, in Soviet times, Kschessinska remembered is that in the context of her mansion, which was presented to the Emperor and where in 1917, the headquarters of the Bolsheviks, and then the Museum of revolution. That great-grandmother was not timid, is the fact that it has sued intruders who were evicted, were not afraid. Imagine the claim to Lenin, she won. Matilda returned to his mansion and even made it a major stash, brought back all her jewels and papers, but stayed there, alas, not for long, soon fled abroad… Times was restless. In 90-m to year including my family did everything to open in this building the exhibition dedicated to the life of Matilda Kshesinskaya, but we can’t imagine that will rush the crowd of people that might seem interesting — archival pictures, documents, our surviving family pictures… Instead of a few months the exhibition was open for about two years. Many publications in this time came out in the media on the life of Matilda and her love.

photo: From personal archive
Brother Joseph and sister Matilda. If she hides the pregnancy under a wide skirt?

— And yet what you now say about the real fate of his great-grandmother, is at best apocryphal. But the family legend that she was the daughter of Nicholas II — your own grandmother, which came to light much later she married the Emperor on Alexandra and even the birth of their common children is scarier “Matilda”, to be honest.

— I swear I speak the truth. On 6 October 1910 at the invitation of Nikolai Matilda met him in the Park of the Konstantinovsky Palace in the gazebo on the island. She was brought back to the boat. Her purpose of the visit was quite prosaic, she had a conflict with the Director of the Mariinsky theatre, which she wanted to resolve in his favor, to win over to their side of Nicholas, he had other intentions… there was an episode of intimacy. I don’t think it was accidental. Nicholas really wanted a baby from Matilda, healthy baby.

First love forever?

— The fact that they never interrupted their relations. Sister Matilda, Julia, also a dancer, 1st Kschessinska, as everyone called her, was married to Colonel Alexander Saddler, the adjutant of the king, so that direct access to Nicholas Mathilde remained in any case. Yes, Nicholas was weak, and led, and Matilda is one of the most interesting and charming women of her time, it brought to mind two other Grand Dukes Sergei Mikhailovich and Andrei Vladimirovich, whose wife eventually became.

To my knowledge, Matilda was pregnant since the end of 1910 and spring 1911, but officially it is at this time supposedly shone on tour in England, and in fact, since March, been lived in home of brother Joseph and his wife Seraphim in Ostashkova. To kill time, trained the handwriting, wrote with his left hand, copied the “Woe from wit”, many years later, this book seems to have found the pioneers and passed at the Bakhrushin Museum.

photo: From personal archive
Felix Kschessinska — the head of the dynasty.

Her Virgin daughter, my grandmother, was born in the middle of summer. Brother Joseph offered to write the girl for themselves. He has grown one-year-old son, Slava, who gave birth to his first wife, dancer SIM Astafieva, so no additional investment is a newborn not demanded, were ready and clothes, and carriage, and even the nurse. Matilda returned to St. Petersburg, where she was magnificently celebrated another birthday in front of everyone, compensating for the long absence. Meanwhile, the nurse did not have enough milk for two children — Joseph and ordered her first feed… the Virgin Wife Serafima was offended and left, taking with them the-year-old boy. Later they went to London — and there are traces of Slavik, unfortunately, lost. And Joseph married the beautiful Virgin Sprachinsel, it was urgent to correct the passport niece, and official biographies of Celina, the eldest was considered the mother of a young Virgin, named in her honor.

But for such big conclusions few words need proof.

Our family kept photos of that era. For example, the of Ostashkova, you see how awkwardly sitting sideways Matilda, covering her big belly, here she’s pregnant grandmother. And here — have already given birth, standing next to a stroller, looks at the baby with tenderness to cover up a family secret, Virgin, Jr., was registered only in autumn, and brother Joseph.

— In your opinion, the reputation of Matilda could prevent another illegitimate child? Why she admitted the film, its only on the documents of the son, and refused his daughter?

Because Volodya was not the son of the king, and Virgin was. By the way, that is because the weave of fate — in the photo where she is standing with a stroller in the right corner — five-year-old boy, the son of neighbors Kshesinskaya’s estate, Konstantin Sevenard. Many years later he would be my grandfather and husband of the Virgin.

photo: From personal archive
Mathilde Kschessinska conquered men not beauty, and natural charm.

— What is the original name Sevenard. Where is she?

— The ancestors of Sevenarda — came from France, an old aristocratic family, was related to Napoleon, so that the second half of my name did not disappoint.

— But how could it be that in the USSR, nobleman Konstantin Sevenard, who is married to a relative of Matilda Kshesinskaya, the niece, or daughter, was not only arrested, but were even allowed to work on objects of the state importance?

— Grandfather Sevenard was honored a’, a holder; second, more secret part of his life: wherever he built the power station at the same time there were military factories. For example, built the Volga hydroelectric power station — and here was laid the plant “Volga engines”, which provides the needs of the army transport, the same thing happened in the Urals during the construction of the plant. His decision at that time was the most advanced. No, Konstantin Sevenard in power no doubt about it, although the Hero of socialist labor he never received, as well as I, fought in Afghanistan, took part in the rescue of 9-th company and twice nominated for the title Hero of the Soviet Union — I think it’s not a coincidence. By the way, the grandfather of the last of the family never really talked, about our ancestors we know only the bare minimum. The relationship was not supported in any way. In those days it could not. When in the early 60’s Matilda tried to come to the Soviet Union, on the boat to Odessa, passing on occasion a letter for my father George, her grandson, grandfather Sevenard son will not let go. The letter forced me to burn and forget. However, this meeting would not take place — as Kschessinska was not even allowed to go to his native land.

photo: From personal archive
The summer of 1911. Matilda (centre) looks at the stroller, which is, according to family legend, her newborn daughter.

— What about your grandmother is Virgin?

— Grandmother by that time was already dead. She died at 48. Which is not typical for families Kschessinska, who lived a hundred years: Matilda went to 99 (in 1971! — E. S.) , her sister Julia — 104, but Virgin instantly burned from cancer, was affected by the fact that she and her husband worked near the Semipalatinsk were conducted first nuclear test. In General, the grandmother started out as a ballerina of the Kirov theatre, the former Mariinsky theatre, where her father Joseph was still working as a dancing master and 30 years. I don’t know how it happened that the sisters Matilda and Julia were able to emigrate, and he remained in Russia with an adopted niece, and then married a third time. But great-grandfather lived his life in vain. He trained a whole galaxy of outstanding Soviet dancers, his teacher considered him famous ballerina Natalia Dudinskaya, but most grandma’s Virgin career failed, though we keep the house of her old posters… very Virgin before she married father ‘ as a loyal wife shuttled him around the country, gave birth to two children, survived the war, the theatre had to forget… great-Grandfather Joseph Kschessinska was lost in the blockade in 1942. That’s all we know about him. His apartment was then searched, opened furniture, seems to have found some kind of weird glass plates, which took away those who conducted the search. Much since time had passed and too many events do not count… the Soviet Union Collapsed, became available to many archival documents… And that’s “Matilda” rose again now in the form of a controversial film. So her fate is still concerned about our compatriots, and for good reason.

— Probably if your relationship with the Royal family is proved, you can become the center of the opposing forces?

— Yes, on the one hand, there are those who will benefit from the emergence of official heirs of the Russian Emperor, and on the other I realize that most do not want to recognize in us the descendants of Nicholas II. My father — he’s old, but cheerful, last year voluntarily gave blood for DNA analysis, but results of the study not so far. And I frankly don’t know where they went, what is happening, who does not want or who are not profitable to pull this old story into the light. Although not the fact that the remains are officially recognized by the king, with whom it would be possible to compare our DNA really are… the History of their canonization dark and mysterious. I know that the same Yeltsin in the 90s was strongly opposed to any restoration of tsarism.

Sobchak, whose opponent in the election was my father. after the events in August of ‘ 91 was the idea of vossozdanie Russia’s liberal monarchy. He tried to bring to this question of Vladimir Kirillovich Romanov, the then official head of the dynasty, as far as I know, they are up to something even agreed. But personally, I’m in this project not wanted and saw for my great-grandmother Matilde is not the way to achieve any political goals, but a symbol of freedom, spiritual and physical, that turn of history that never happened if she had stayed with Nicholas.

photo: From personal archive
Little Virgin and Joseph and brother Romuald.

Matilda lived an incredibly long and such a different life. If you look, romance with the heir — it was only the beginning of her journey, the first series of the infinite series with a length of 99 years. It’s possible that and now, judging by recent events around Matilda, we are witnessing not the end of the story.

— It is a pity that the unknown true archives is almost gone. The memoirs and diaries of the great-grandmother has already been published. After the unexpected death of Mathilde’s son Vladimir Krasinski, who survived the mother only two years remaining of the paper took Vladimir Kirillovich Romanov. In conversation with me he did not conceal that interested in the fact that these recordings never surfaced. Well, to communicate with the aristocrats is very simple, at least they never lie. And a direct question give a straight answer.

— Recently there was your press conference at Interfax in St. Petersburg. It was also not clear. You are afraid that you will accuse either crazy or a lie or prosecution of any of their interests? Too incredible story.

— You know, I once heard a very interesting phrase, I do not remember who said: if history is to throw out lies, it does not mean that it will remain true… But personally, I’m willing to give his life to prove his innocence.

photo: From personal archive
…Was waiting for her a long life, in which the romance with the heir was only one of the episodes. Mathilda Feliksovna 95.


Mathilde Kschessinska was the older brother Joseph and sister Julia, which was called the 1st Kschessinska, the marriage of Saddler, children she had.

Joseph Kschessinska (1868-1942) is a typical ballet dancer and choreographer of the Mariinsky and later the Kirov theatre. Honored artist of the RSFSR (1927).

He was married three times.

In 1896 — a graduate of the ballet school of the Mariinsky theatre Seraphina Alexandrovna Astafyeva (1876-1934), they had a son Vyacheslav.

The second time — on ballerina Virgin who works Sprachinsel (1882-1930).

Children: Richard and Virgin (1911-1959), who graduated from the ballet school, danced at the Mariinsky theatre, she married the engineer Konstantin Sevenard. Some believe that in fact she was the illegitimate daughter of Matilda Kshesinskaya from Nicholas II.

The son of the Virgin, Yuri Sevenard, engineer-constructors, and former Deputy of the State Duma.

In 1990 was elected Deputy of the Leningrad city Council of people’s deputies, which remained until its closure in December 1993.

In June 1991 he ran for mayor of Leningrad. Scored in this election, 10% (37 000 votes) and lost A. A. Sobchak.

In December 1993 he was elected the Deputy of the State Duma of the 1st convocation on the Federal list of the Communist party of the Russian Federation. From January 1994 to December 1995 he was first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee for industry, construction, transport and energy.

Grandson Konstantin Y. (1967), also ex-the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg and the State Duma of the third convocation. In 2017, his daughter, a graduate of the Academy named after Vaganova Eleonora Sevenard (*1998), was formally admitted to the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi theatre. Her younger sister, Ksenia, a student at the Academy named after Vaganova.

Eleonora Sevenard — future star of the Bolshoi theatre. Photo: social networks

From the editor: note, you should make allowances for the fact that Mr Sevenard has repeatedly surprised the audience with their stories. So, in an interview, “MK” he claimed that he lost during the revolution, Kschessinska diaries allegedly bought Gennady Timchenko – the Timchenko Foundation this information have categorically denied.

Konstantin Sevenard told the media that in the crypt at the cemetery in Warsaw have found a document on the recognition of Nicholas II daughters from Kschessinska and its… agreement with Rothschild and the US President. Documents, of course, the Sevenard not preserved.

Read for the first time published the diary of Matilda Kshesinskaya about the affair with Nicola and diaries of the future king about the relationship with a dancer.

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