“Ryanair refused to buy Alitalia and reduce its fleet

– Irish Ryanair, the largest airline in Europe, plans to cut the number of aircraft in its fleet by 25 November and another 10 from April 2018. Altogether, the company has about 400 aircraft and planned to increase this number to 445 by April.

These measures will allow pilots time to go on vacation, to avoid the risk of future cancellation of the flight, said in a press release.

Earlier Ryanair announced the cancellation of 40 to 50 flights a day to the end of October to allow the pilots and other employees to go on leave after the peak summer season. This will cost the company about 25 million euros.

As a result, the company lowered the target rate of monthly growth of air traffic from November to March next year to 4% from 9%. The annual forecast number of passengers was reduced to 129 million from 131 million people, which still assumes an increase of 7.5%.

Also Ryanair has announced that the company completely denies any plans to merge with Italian airline Alitalia, which is currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings.

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