Sculpture Tsereteli won the hurricane “Maria” in Puerto Rico

The hurricane destroyed everything that came his way, however, the sculpture of President of the Russian Academy of arts Zurab Tsereteli has resisted. And all because at its creation were taken into account all possible weather conditions, as on the shores of the Atlantic ocean is always raging hurricanes and earthquakes.


Before mounting works carried out geological study of the area, which showed that the installation of the sculpture required a pile Foundation. Initially the building was designed in compliance with the American standard of wind loads for high-rise buildings, component 112 mph. Then the sculpture was made with a margin of safety, so she survived such dreadful weather challenge. The project was approved to service the island, responsible for security.

The monument dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the voyage of the legendary flotilla of Christopher Columbus and is one of two pair of single monuments of the project “How Europe found America,” Tsereteli. “The birth of a new world” — the world’s largest sculpture with its height of 126 meters.

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