She has won the international beauty contest

In Ecuador ended with a prestigious international beauty contest Miss United Continents (Miss United continents — “MK”). The first took place on the Russian Tatiana of zimpher, who received the crown from the Ecuadorian jeweler Christian Quintero and a cash prize of $10,000. 26-year-old Tatiana was born in Altai and graduated from Altai state University in Barnaul, and now lives in the Russian capital. For her the pageant Miss United Continents was not the first: in 2016, she won the title “Miss Moscow”. Now the winner of a long ride home. But before boarding the plane in Ecuador, Tatiana told “MK” about their impressions from participation in the contest.

photo: social networks

“Managed to win because first, I had the experience of participation in such competitions, and I was ready for sleepless nights and difficulties. International competition is always very intense events event, — said Tatyana tsimfer in conversation with “MK”. For two weeks we got up at five in the morning and went late. However, it was necessary to always be at its best, with makeup and so on. Second, it helped support, helped experience in Russia. I was focused on work and I think that is the main factor that played a role in the victory.

Evaluation criteria contestants are always quite subjective and remain a mystery to us. Of course, since this is a beauty contest, it is evaluation of appearance. But it is important to match the main idea of the competition. It is the Union of the continents, the blurring of the boundaries. Does not matter the skin color, place of residence. The important thing is that you are a citizen of the world and you can achieve great things in it. This competition takes place on the territory of Latin America. Here he is considered very famous and prestigious. It aims to unite people on the basis of something good, positive.

When I realized that I was flying to Ecuador, I knew little about this country. We live on another continent, it is uncharted ground. So for me the trip turned into a wonderful adventure: we traveled throughout Ecuador, we visited different places: in the mountains, on the ocean, in the cities included in the UNESCO world heritage site. I grew up in the Altai and saw the mountains in my childhood, but the mountains in Ecuador is, of course, another level of greatness. It seems that they have a face, you begin to understand why people believed that the mountains are alive. This is amazing!”

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