Sociologists have named the three professions that bring happiness

A group of researchers from the University of Chicago, conducted a survey on the satisfaction of people with their work. In total, the survey was attended by 28 thousand people of different ages and professions. As stated, the greatest degree satisfied with their work were the priests, firefighters and physical therapists.


Experts have identified two “scales” — the study participants reported how satisfied they are with their work and how lucky you feel in General. As a result, two of the resulting ranking was not identical but similar in many ways, based on what experts have concluded that favorite work affects the level of happiness in a very direct way.

The most satisfied with their work were the priests among them in varying degrees are satisfied with their own activities was 87 percent. Also about the choice of profession regret, firefighters (80 percent) and physical therapists (78 percent). Also at the top of the ranking by the representatives of creative professions (artists, sculptors, writers), educational personnel (teachers, including dealing with children with special needs, as well as leaders in this field), as well as psychologists, engineers, operators, administrative managers and sellers in Finance.

Less often satisfied with their profession have been roofers — only every fourth of them said that the work brings him a sense of satisfaction. Also rarely felt happy waiters, bartenders, packers, porters, butchers, cashiers, forwarding agents, labourers (except construction workers), sellers in clothes shops or furniture, as well as people involved in food preparation (with the exception of professional chefs in cafes and restaurants).

In General, their profession was satisfied with 47 percent of respondents. Experts said two factors affecting the attractiveness of work in the eyes of one who is engaged in it. First, people often enjoyed occupations that require specialized education, and secondly, people often bring the joy of work in order to bring good to other people or care about them.

As for the second “scale”, the most happy, according to the survey, also felt the priests, and the second place is shared by firefighters and agents booking transport tickets, followed by representatives of various creative professions, as well as employees of scientific organizations, engineers and aircraft pilots. At the bottom of the list, again, was the roofers, and the staff of petrol stations.

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