The festival of musical theatres of Russia kicks off in Moscow

Today in Moscow opened its Second festival of musical theatres of Russia “See the music”. This time he connected with the Biennale of theatre arts program which will begin two weeks later, but not lost features of their own ideology and found format: first, the festival fundamentally does not contain a competitive program, and secondly (and this is very important!), Billboard has formed the theatres themselves – the members of the Association of musical theatres of Russia.


The President of AMT, the artistic Director of the Children’s musical theatre named after Natalia Sats Georgiy Isaakyan says:

Festival “See the music” – the panorama of musical theatres. This is not an alternative “Golden Mask” – different goals, different site of action. Theatres who come to us for the festival, separated by vast distances. You know what that means? One theatre per 1000 square kilometers! And he keeps the cultural canvas.

That is, it is a festival of the province?

– No, we have a big poster of the Moscow Opera, including her Bolshoi theater. Huge office of the St. Petersburg theatres, with performances of different genres. Perhaps, here, the province plays Patra was one of the first violins.

– The poster is the performances of the theatres in which “expert community” hung unpleasant labels.

– We are in a different environment than the critics and experts. We colleagues. For me, the Bolshoi theatre, the theatre Chikhacheva, Saint-Petersburg theatre “Zazerkalie” theatre of Petrozavodsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk is a necessary and equal part of the cultural caste. They are all members of the Association. And they decide to participate or not. This decision is a huge liability: no Director of the theatre will not want to show at the festival’s weak performance.

The festival “See the music” opens with a performance of the theatre named after Sats “Exercises and dances of Guido” – the recent premiere of Vladimir Martynov. Within six months the Moscow audience actually “see the music”, written in different genres – Opera, musical, operetta, ballet. Well, the geography of the festival is really impressive: Krasnodar, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Buryatia, Altai, not to mention Moscow and St. Petersburg. There is a poster of things very intriguing. For example, Cui Opera “prisoner of the Caucasus” staged by the Krasnoyarsk theatre of Opera and ballet. Or early musical Lloyd Webber’s “Joseph and the amazing cloak of dreams” St. Petersburg theatre “Karambol”. There is no doubt that the attention will attract the world premiere of Monteverdi’s Opera “Ariadna” – Yes, it is the world: conductor Andrew Lawrence king, who created in collaboration with theatre Sats project, the Academy of ancient OPERA OMNIA, carried out a reconstruction of the score, preserved only in fragments. The first performance of the Opera of the great Baroque composer in Russia is a momentous event for the Russian music culture, which not so long ago began to join the Baroque operatic tradition. And the theatre named after Sats took in this process a leading position.

The festival will be held round tables, discussions. As absolutely true noticed Georgy Isaakyan, theatres need feedback – each artist is important to hear feedback. Someone to take a more critical look at himself, and someone to believe in themselves. So critics, though not invited to the formation of the festival program, however, welcome the participants.

Is the program of the festival and a special project devoted to avant-garde art Laboratory for young composers and playwrights КоOPERAция. Will be shown eight Minibar that, according to the organizers, will help authors and theaters to find each other. The final gala concert will be held on November 3 at the Beethoven hall of the Bolshoi theatre. There will be presented the award “Legend” – the only award of the festival, which is important, not putting theaters in the nervous situation of competition, to give everyone the opportunity to show their best side.

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