The first speech of the new President of the Russian Academy of Sciences: “the Academy has held elections in a democratic way”

Immediately after the announcement of the victory of Alexander Sergeyev at the election of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, he went to the press and made a speech in his new position.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Today is the big day when the Academy proved that it can hold elections for their President in a democratic way. For the first time, the election was attended by members of the three academies, who have shown themselves to be a single group. This is despite the fact that until recently there were doubts whether it would be this triumvirate is too amorphous formation. Power is not repaired during the elections no obstacle. The first thing I intend to do as President of the RAS is to achieve full consensus with her on the issue of the true state of Affairs in the Academy and to plan ways of development.

According to the ex-President of RAS Vladimir Fortov, the Academy made the right choice: “Aleksandr Mikhailovich was elected just at a time when we need to put at the forefront of scientific and technological development of the country. I am sure that he, like a scientist with a capital letter, it will work.”

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