“The Medina was considered a humane Serebrennikov selected to measure

The Minister of culture complained about the poor quality of the documents that passed the “Seventh Studio” in the office

The Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinstituta: TASS, Anton novoderezhkin

Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky expressed confidence that the elected against the Director Kirill Serebrennikov measure is the most humane of the possible, and noted that the documents of ANO “the Seventh Studio” handed over to the Ministry of culture, were of low quality.

“The question is commensurate or not commensurate (the arrest of the severity of the crime – if) it is necessary to ask the court. Serebrennikov has been systematically supported by the state. Documents of ANO “the Seventh Studio” handed over to the Ministry of culture, were extremely low quality,” – said the Minister on air of TV channel “Rain” on Tuesday.

He noticed that this caused the attention of the tax authorities first, and then “as it happens, the tax authorities handed them over to law enforcement agencies”.

“It’s a very long story, there is a serious financial offence. Under the current legislation the measure that was adopted by Kirill Serebrennikov, selected the most humane of the possible measures of restraint”, – stated the Minister.

The Minister called the situation Serebrennikov unpleasant.

“And the situation is very unpleasant. (. . .) He received grants from the Ministry of culture, we continually raise our employees about this at some polls, the testimony they give,” explained Medina.

Speaking of the “Gogol-center”, the artistic Director of which is Serebrennikov, the Minister said that it is a public theatre and is therefore guaranteed to receive godisadj.

“Theatre has always received a substantial gosdotatsii. When Capkova (former head of Department of culture of Moscow) has received a lot of money on the reconstruction and rebuilding of the theatre and continues to receive substantial state donation,” continued the Minister.

Answering the question, does the theater elimination, the Minister said: “In my opinion, no.”

Director Serebrennikov is currently under house arrest, he is accused in the so-called “Seventh Studio”.

According to the court decision, Serebrennikov under house arrest imposed a number of restrictions. The court forbade the Director to leave his place of residence, to use the Internet, mobile phones, landline phones to send and receive telegrams, except in exceptional cases. The investigator may allow Serebrennikov to visit the place of work – theater “Gogol-center”.

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