“Turkey cancels flights to Iraqi Kurdistan

– Turkey has decided to cancel flights to airports in Iraqi Kurdistan in response to a call from Baghdad. It is reported in the environment Agency “Anadolu”.

“Flights from Turkey to the EDGES (the Kurdish regional administration in Iraq) will be canceled,” – said the Agency.

Earlier, the state airline of Lebanon Middle East Airlines (MEA) announced that from 29 September it will suspend flights to Iraqi Kurdistan. Also the aircraft took off from Erbil, will not receive permission to land at the international airport of Beirut.

International flights in Iraqi Kurdistan support the airports in Erbil, administrative center of the autonomy, and Sulaymaniyah.

The Iraqi authorities earlier on Wednesday filed a request to foreign airlines to suspend-to-Friday flights to Iraqi Kurdistan. This step was followed last September 25 in Iraqi Kurdistan referendum on independence for this Autonomous region, which Baghdad declared illegitimate.

On the eve of Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi announced the government’s intention to block the international flights in the airports of Iraqi Kurdistan if the government of this Autonomous region will not hand over control of them to Baghdad.

In мире25 Sep 2017Глава main oil region of Iraq voted for independence to Kurdistanica read more

Preliminary results of the referendum

The vast majority of voters participated in the referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan, spoke in favor of separation from Iraq, saying on Wednesday the Kurdish TV channel “Rudaw” with reference to the election Commission of Kurdistan.

According to preliminary data, for the independence of Kurdistan voted 92,73% of the voters.

The TV channel notes that the referendum results will be final after their approval by the court of Appeals of Kurdistan.

In turn, the election Commission has called the referendum “a success” and stressed that the international observers did not register any violations during the vote.

In the Bulletin, printed in four languages, Kurdish-Sorani, Arabic, Assyrian, and Turcoman, contained the question: “do You Agree to the Kurdish region and Kurdish areas outside the administration of the region would become an independent state?”

In total were processed more than 3 million valid ballots, of which only about 220 thousand was filed against the independence of Kurdistan.

The turnout at the recent referendum was 72%.

In Baghdad, previously called the referendum illegitimate. In addition, the intention of the Iraqi Kurds to hold a referendum on self-determination criticized the foreign state. In particular, against the vote were made by Turkey, Iran, EU, US, UK.

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