“Ukraine has recognized PTSD in 26% of those who fought in the Donbass

– The Ministry of defence of Ukraine claim that the symptoms of PTSD have been reported in every fourth participant in the fighting in Donbass.

“26% of combatants had individual symptoms of post-traumatic syndrome. Of these 26% 80% of staff can return to the normal functioning of the psyche in the course of two months,” – said at a briefing on Wednesday in Kiev, the head of Scientific research center of humanitarian problems of the Armed forces of Ukraine Nazim Agayev.

In мире20 Sep 2017Военного psychiatrist of Ukraine was suspended after the words about the danger of 93% of those who fought in Donbassaero read more

Earlier dismissed the head of the clinic of psychiatry National military medical clinical center “Main military clinical hospital” Oleg druz stated that “93% of members of ATU are a potential threat to society and need treatment”. It Agayev said: “the Dramatic and the numbers game does not favour the Armed forces of Ukraine, and is used by our neighbors above and to the right, if you look at the map”.

“This thread is speculation, twisting, and we have voiced real numbers, which is below the previously announced,” he said.

In turn, the Deputy head of Department of psychological support of the armed forces Yuri Spicky noted, the Ministry of defense pays great attention to work with the psychological state of servicemen, as “it is the personnel and human resource that are involved in the performance of tasks”. According to him, since the beginning of the year in the Donbass psychological assistance was provided 4380 military.

“Psychologists from the beginning of 2017 have worked with 13 tysyachami soldiers. In the institutions the psychological rehabilitation were 2 thousand 63 soldiers, a rehabilitation abroad have passed 75. Spa treatment were 1742 ATO and 111 members of their families”, – said Spicky.

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