“UN officials visit Rakhine state in Myanmar

– Representatives of several agencies of the United Nations (UN), will visit Rakhine state in Myanmar for the first time since the last exacerbation of the conflict between the Muslim Rohingya and Burmese and a Buddhist, said Wednesday the representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dujarric.

“It will be a trip to Rakhine, maybe tomorrow, organized by the government. We hope that this is the first step towards a more free and wide access to the territory”, – he said at a press conference.

Earlier, the UN reported that the total number of members of the Muslim ethnic Rohingya fleeing from Myanmar to Bangladesh, is from 700 thousand to 800 thousand people.

Rohingya consider themselves the indigenous population of the territory of modern Burma’s Rakhine state, although most historians believe that the Rohingya migrated to Myanmar during British colonial rule. The authorities and the public in Myanmar, where the main religion is Buddhism, I think the Muslim Rohingya illegal migrants from Bangladesh, so often denied them citizenship.

The conflict between Rohingya and Burmese and a Buddhist smoldered in Rakhine state for many years. It escalated, when the Myanmar authorities launched an operation against members of the ethnic Rohingya, who local media dubbed “Bengali terrorists”. The clashes resulted in the death of more than 400 people, including more than 350 people from the ethnic Rohingya.

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