A major defeat in the Champions League and left CSKA chances for the playoffs

Missed the beginning of the meeting the ball, 0:3 to 26 minutes, devastating 1:4 after the final whistle — that’s what brought CSKA and its fans meeting with Manchester United. But to hang the heads of the army, really, not worth it. And it’s not in good football played by the red-and-blue, and not even contributing to the full house fans, furiously supporting their favourites, even with 0:4 on the scoreboard. It seems that as the society, the participants of the main European Cup tournament under the auspices of UEFA subject to very clear the division between rich and poor. Or, if to soften a little, and not very successful.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

After a formidable and higher-status “Bavaria” burning in Paris with PSG 0:3, and “Barcelona” with the same score falls in Turin under the roller, Juventus, called the shame of defeat of CSKA in three goals from “Manchester United” language does not turn. The examples are taken from pairs, where the giants crushed the giants, CSKA to the elite of European football have a very indirect relation, and the fact that one Romelu Lukaku twice ogorchatsya Igor Akinfeev, is worth more than all the players put together quite eloquent.

Traditionally grandmaster ligachampion performance indicator in the group stage is considered to be a 3.5 goals per match on average. And 2nd round was close to him and 48 goals scored per match goals in 16 games (three per game). In the previous round was 54 goals (an average of 3.7 per match). But in the last and previous rounds results like 3:2 or 2:1 met not so often. The majority of the numbers on the scoreboard was 3:0 or 4:1 or even 5:0 and 6:0. Just this past Tuesday-Wednesday, as in the opening round, 16 meetings were recorded in seven raids. That is almost half of all the matches played.

It seems that the idea of financial fair play, no matter how it is advertised and popularized, have stalled. PSG, mocking the system, the composition includes Neymar, which the Parisians for “free” (not covered under the General account) more than 200 million euros, and together with the Brazilian smashing the German champion. What to say about CSKA in recent years is not fattening and have traditionally not been able to boast of a long bench.

But in the group stage of the Champions League the results of matches of tops for average teams is not the most important thing. Here the club’s classification is fairly simple, and the rare exceptions only confirm the General rule. “Real” and “Manchester” with rare exceptions, its trips to the playoffs get. The next class is the middle of the Champions League like CSKA, Benfica or, say, Basel whose destiny to fight with their “classmates” in 2-3 places.

There is a third group, which included representatives from most football powers, most of them already committed its major athletic feat, advancing to the main tournament through the qualification of the barricades. Question, if someone does not understand, about clubs like “Karabakh” or “Maribor”. Sometimes teams are able to improve this classification with the same APOEL, representing a dwarf in terms of football championship, long assumed, because on account of Cypriots have accumulated quite the scalps of many top teams, including Russian.

But the transition from one class to another — a phenomenon for the Champions League are extremely rare and usually takes many years. So an important task for the fans, often gives the desired for real effort is to not be lured to the shore and to correctly understand what class is their favorite team.

But back to CSKA, which is well aware of what takes place today in evrofutbolnuyu hierarchy. From meeting confidently heads standings of the English Premier League Manchester United would be a crushing defeat to hosts? No doubt. Could match to end differently? Completely. Not cupis referee and his assistant for army gate to the trick Henrikh Mkhitaryan would not be a penalty Akinfeev and killer 0:2 already in the 18th minute. Do not wave in a free-kick a foot past the ball Vasily Berezutsky, last time I wrong, probably, at the turn of the century, speaking for the “torpedo-ZIL”, there would be no second goal, Lukaku. Get opponents on the break with the score 0:1, things could have turned out differently. But history, including football, the subjunctive mood does not accept. You need to build on what you have. And we have the following…

The obvious leader of the group from Manchester has a good chance to finish the group stage with a perfect record. Leaving out of the equation, “MU”, let’s try to estimate the chances of the remaining trio in second place in the play-offs. In Lisbon, CSKA won very important victory. After the defeat 0:5 against Basel at Benfica remains only a theoretical chance to catch up with CSKA. Key for Muscovites will be two meetings with the Swiss in the second half of October. Four points in these matches, the idea have to be guaranteed access to the playoffs regardless of the results of the last two games against Benfica at home and Manchester United away. If you put on the fact that CSKA at least not lose to the Portuguese in Moscow, the red-blue can arrange and divide the points with Basel, a winning difference of scored and missed goals. During these four (or even three) points the team of Viktor Gancharenko and have the big fight this fall. And 1:4 from Manchester United — has only a moment in history, does not allow to draw far-reaching conclusions and to assess the true potential of CSKA as for getting into the playoffs of the Champions League.


Group stage. 2nd round

Group a: CSKA (Russia) — “Manchester United” (England) — 1:4, “Basel” (Switzerland) — “Benfica” (Portugal) — 5:0

Standings: Manchester United — 6 points, Basel, CSKA — 3, Benfica 0.

Group b: Paris Saint-Germain (France) — “Bavaria” (Germany) — 3:0, “Anderl

PSG — 6, Bayern, Celtic — 3 Anderlecht — 0.

Group: Atletico Madrid (Spain) — “Chelsea” (England) — 1:2, “Karabakh” (Azerbaijan) — “Rum” (Italy) — 1:2

“Chelsea” — 6, “Roma” — 4, “Atletico” — 1, “Karabakh” — 0.

Group D: Sporting (Portugal) — Barcelona (Spain) — 0:1, Juventus (Italy) Olympiacos (Greece) — 2:0

Barcelona — 6, sporting, Juventus 3, Olympiakos — 0.

Group E: Sevilla (Spain) — Maribor (Slovenia) — 3:0, Spartak (Russia) — “Liverpool” (England) — 1:1

“Seville” — 4, “Liverpool”, “Spartak” — 2 — 1.

Group F: Napoli (Italy) — “Feyenoord” (Holland) — 3:1, “Manchester City” (England) — Shakhtar (Ukraine) — 2:0

MS — 6, Shakhtar, Napoli 3, “Feyenoord” — 0.

Group G: Besiktas (Turkey) — Leipzig (Germany) Is 2:0 Monaco (France) — Porto (Portugal) — 0:3

“Besiktas” — 6, “Port” — 3, “Monaco”, “Leipzig” — 1.

Group D: Dortmund (Germany) — Madrid (Spain) — 1:3, APOEL (Cyprus) — Tottenham (England) — 0:3

Tottenham, real Madrid — 6, Dortmund, APOEL — 0.

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