Artyom Savelyev, was sent by mail from the United States, finally got an apartment

The return of the child from the US to Russia in 2010, shocked both the country and there, and there act American Tory Hansen discussed and criticized. In 2009, she adopted 7-year-old Russian Artem Saveliev. And in 2010 put him on a plane and sent back to Russia.

Photo: press service of Ombudsman for children

Boy all this time living in a Children’s village in Tomilino. He’s 15 now. Because he came from Primorsky region for a long time it was impossible to solve the issue with housing after the age of majority. However, in September the issue was resolved. About the present life of Artem in an exclusive interview with “MK” was told by his foster mom, Vera V.

The topic was a very good boy. No scary diagnoses, which told his American foster mother, was not confirmed — we were even on inspection in Institute of Serbian. After some time, I began to wonder: what will become of him in the future with housing? Checked — and the results terrified me: it turned out that he put housing at the place of residence of the biological mother, in a kind of barracks with no amenities, from the joys of civilization there was only light. I went to our local wing: it’s a pity the guy, we here in the Children’s village grow, raise, try… And he turns 18 — and where will he go? In barracks? Where there is no work and the environment, shall we say, much drinking. A young man in such circumstances will be gone!

Of care agreed with me. Started correspondence with the authorities, but much did nothing. Summer came to us from the Ombudsman, and the employee Vladimir Abalmasov asked in a conversation: “What do you need help?” I spoke about the housing situation Artem. He promised to help. And just three months after the issue was resolved. After 18 years he will provide an apartment in the suburbs! It’s just a fairy tale!

— Artem understands how lucky he is?

— Yes, of course. He’s a big, we often talked. I suggested: maybe you should go into the army, you’ll like there will be under contract to serve and so will get housing? The Threads don’t even have a savings book, there’s something about two thousand dollars is…

— How can this be? It also wrote that Tory Hansen must pay him compensation — 150 thousand dollars and another 38 on the psychological rehabilitation? Child support must still be 40 thousand rubles a month…

— What are you! If he has such money was, we have about housing and not have to worry, I would buy him an apartment. But no more payments from America no. The only thanks to Vladimir Alekseevich, we learned that biological Artem’s mother died, so he put on a pension for loss of breadwinner, but since it probably never worked, it will be 5 thousand per month. But I’ll be glad when the 18th anniversary he builds up at least 200-300 thousand. Usually orphans with the money from buying furniture and equipment in the apartment.

— And any plans for future life, Artem is? How and what does he live now?

— He is learning mediocre, so I think after the 9th grade go to College: I think definitely he needs to acquire job qualifications. He agrees with me. Now he is only in 8th grade. English he was not given — I think because of the stress associated with the United States. Although he recently watched some old videos with me and said to me: “Look, I was so small, and the English well they said”. I told him: “Well, I’ll learn.” In General, the kind of situation he forbidden topic, he doesn’t want to discuss it. I think that the main reason then was the language barrier…

He lives now alone in the room. We only have 6 children ranging from 13 to 16 years. Communicate with each other they are all good. There is one Tom, they are the same age; we have agreed that we will call Tom, and Savelyev — Topic. It every morning on all makes Breakfast on its own initiative: cooks porridge, makes sandwiches… Sports deals, now love had gone… Very open, good boy, have a relationship a close and trusting. I am very glad that he will not go far and will always be there.

Arthur himself at the meeting with the Ombudsman for children Anna Kuznetsova looks very confused, although very joyful. Presents Anna bunch and tersely answering questions.

— What subjects in school like?

— I don’t know.

— What don’t like?

— The English language.

— Who you want to be?

— If possible, I want to College MOE to do.

The Commissioner for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova considers that the issue of providing orphans with housing needs to be urgently addressed:

The task of the government is to help these children, and it turns out that here, on the contrary, had to prove for a long time that the teenager remains essentially without housing. It is clear that all these stages is to recognize the fixed housing uninhabitable, writing requests for another — as required by law, but can’t help wondering: why so long and why these processes cannot be accelerated? In this case, our device acts as a coordination platform. I’m really glad this story was done by my Advisor Vladimir Abalmasov, he is a graduate of the orphanages and adopt all of these things to heart. As for child support for Artyom, until we have information that the American side the payment was made only once. The exact amount of the payment and the reason why they were discontinued, we will find out; if necessary for the solution of this problem can be connected and the foreign Ministry.

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