Body Wallenberg: Lubyanka protect your “sovereignty”

Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow has refused satisfaction of the claim of Marie Dupuy, niece of Raoul Wallenberg. She demanded to provide her with access to a number of nadasladany or to this day unavailable documents from the FSB archives, which could shed light on the circumstances of the death at the Lubyanka her uncle, internationally acclaimed righteous, who saved thousands of Budapest Jews during the Second world war.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat ferried to neutral Sweden of Hungarian Jews, was arrested by SMERSH. It is absolutely obvious that the Soviet authorities could not believe in the sincerity of the motives of Wallenberg — how is it that people voluntarily undertake such a dangerous thing? What for? It was considered whether American, or a German spy, or even a double agent. A valuable instance for Stalin. It turned out that Wallenberg is not in the interest of the Soviet secret police. Explain the same with the Swedes, who were engaged in search of its diplomat and the representative of an influential Swedish family establishment, admitting that they were misled, claiming that Wallenberg died in Budapest, was somehow not with his hands. Then, apparently, and it was decided on the destruction of the Savior of the Jews.

The relevant document (report of the head of the Lubyanka prison infirmary Smoltsov in the Mirror dated July 17, 1947, marked “ordered the corpse to be cremated without autopsy”) has long promulgated, the official reason was a heart attack, however, poisons laboratory of Colonel Gregory Mayranovskiy was always at hand. In the recently published memoirs of the KGB Chairman Ivan Serov confirmed this version — it expressly States that Wallenberg was liquidated in 1947 by the order of Viktor Abakumov, then head of the MGB: “Questioned Mayranovsky and workers his special laboratory chambers have confirmed that they are eliminated in 1946-1947 the number of foreign citizens… Abakumov, questioned Kozyrev, confirmed the elimination of it is R. Wallenberg. He relied on the direct orders of Stalin and Molotov, which he repeatedly informed about this case…” all this I reported in detail N. With.Khrushchev. He listened carefully to me and said, “These scoundrels, Stalin, Molotov and Vyshinsky, who started this nasty mess, and we are now to slurp shit”.

After the book of memories Serov saw the light, naturally the relatives of Wallenberg appeared and wish to see the transcript of the interrogation Abakumov, in order to verify the plausibility of the version of violent death of a diplomat in 1947.

However, the captain was met with a refusal. The court supported the position of the Federal security service.

The arguments of the representative of the FSB, presented to the court the following. First, the requested documents contain information of third parties, is a mystery personal and private life, relatives and descendants of the interrogated simultaneously with the Wallenberg disclosure may be unpleasant. Secondly, the FSB is the successor of the NKVD.

Let’s start with the fact that the position taken in this story, the Federal security service, testifies only to one: it does everything that it was considered the successor of the NKVD, MGB, and KGB. She looks at the Wallenberg case through the eyes of those who for years and decades to conceal the mystery of the death of the diplomat, to protect thus of Stalin and those of his accomplices who sent them burdensome for prisoner No. 7 at the death. Because of this secrecy, desperate to know the truth, killed himself mother and stepfather Wallenberg for decades clouded the relationship with Sweden and Russia’s image is no better image of the USSR the darkest years of its existence.

If the FSB is not responsible for Stalin’s crimes (as in the Katyn case, by the way, many volumes of which are still not declassified) if the Agency — structure of new Russia, those who are liberated from the burden of Stalin’s crimes, why not disclose the whole truth, to not declassify documents on such a high-profile story? And thereby once again draw attention to the fact that present-day Russia and Stalin’s USSR — still two fundamentally different entities.

But the fact of the matter is that there is no different. The current FSB, calling a spade a spade, covers Stalin. Because this position is in the trend. All in full accordance with the known formula: to govern like Stalin, live like Abramovich. This ideal is nearly achieved. And now the state will defend to the last any there the opposition of the West and other Wallenberg. Therefore, the state does not preclude the fact that in the country there are “national” monuments to Stalin, and it puts prominently a bust under the guise of “educational” purposes, as this happened due to the Military historical society under the patronage of the Minister of culture Medinsky, in the heart of Moscow, the Petroverigsky lane.

The argument regarding privacy, could be considered laughable if it were not Jesuit cynical and mocking. It’s not Marie Dupuis planted Wallenberg and doprashivali at the same time with him in the Lubyanka prison, and the Soviet state by Stalin. It’s not privacy — it’s the facts of abuse of the state over its citizens and foreigners. This is the story of the victims of the Stalinist machine of destruction. It is, after all, the facts of the history of Stalinism, which cannot be “ambiguous” relationship, as there can be “complex” relationship to the crimes of any totalitarian regime — Hitler, Mussolini, Franco. There is a more relaxed office counter-argument made by historian Nikita Petrov: the registers of the displacements caused on interrogations of people only have the names of the prisoners who do not fall under the definition of personal data.

When I became acquainted with the work of his repressed grandfather in the State archive of the Russian Federation (it was declassified only in 1999, although it was the most banal, “serial” for the waves of the Great terror of 1938), then, of course, learned the names of those people who slandered him and admitted to stipulate during the interrogation of the Prosecutor, in 1955 (as part of the rehabilitation process). I never came ill of them to think or, say, to start looking for their relatives: you have to be a moron not to understand how distracting the testimony of the people. But the names of the inquisitors of the NKVD I’m not without satisfaction found in “memorialise” the database: why don’t I know more about those who committed crimes? And why would the Wallenberg’s relatives not to know who “investigated” his case? Or we need to close all the archives?

Would their will — would close. Because secrets and General “secrecy” is part of the magical force of power. Same enigmatic, like “sovereignty,” to which no one attempts, but that should be all the time to protect. And “secrecy” without these secrets is part of the protection of “sovereignty”. Sovereignty is not country — and intelligence services in the country.

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