“CNN told about the purchased by Russia is about the movement Black Lives Matter

The target audience was the residents of the cities where there was high-profile murders of blacks by police

One of the movement Black Lives Matter, Scafato: Reuters

– One of the political advertisements, which allegedly financed Russia during the US presidential election in 2016, touched on cases of violence against African Americans, the target audience was the residents of American cities Baltimore and Ferguson, says the American TV channel CNN, citing informed sources.

“Ferguson and Baltimore became widely known in connection with mass protests against the police firing in African Americans. The decision to make the target audience of the advertisement the population of these two cities gives an understanding of how the account associated with Russia, (…) used geographically targeted advertising”, – stated in the message channel.

In the message channel also claimed that the alleged in advertising was talking about the Black Lives Matter movement (“black Life has value”), which acts to protect African Americans from police.

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