Criminal case of shooting the Director Zaikowski naked girls will be terminated

The actions of famous Director and screenwriter Arthur Zelikovskogo who allegedly filmed his scantily clad daughter on a busy highway in the Northern district of the capital, the police did not find anything illegal.

a screenshot from the video

As at the time reported, “MK”, a strange incident had occurred on the evening of September 4 on the doubler of the Leningrad prospectus. A resident of the capital noticed on the lawn of the little girl dancing without underwear. Next to the child stood an elderly man and took the baby on a professional camcorder. Avtovladelets called on “02” and reported what they saw. A woman does not exclude that on a busy highway is shooting a porn film with the participation of the child. Some time later, the lady handed guardians of the law and the record of the DVR with my car, confirming her words.

“MK” was able to establish the identity of the stranger, clearly involved in shooting. 76 -year-old Arthur Zaikowski in conversation with our correspondent said that got the camera just to test the lens. And the dancing child — his four year old daughter, which by the way the theater group wanted to use the toilet (so I had to stop the car).

Employees of GSU SK of the Russian Federation in Moscow opened a criminal case on the fact of using an underage girl to produce pornographic material. Was assigned to the examination of the records made by the Director Zaikowski that day. Specialists had to determine whether the man had erased any pornographic footage.

This week completed the study videos. Experts have given their verdict — they found no trace of the destruction of images of pornographic content. So in the near future criminal case will be terminated.

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