Criticism of Nikita Mikhalkov mess at the barbershop

The acclaimed movie about the alleged launch of the famous film Director Nikita Mikhalkov own barbershop was a viral ad of his own film Academy

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

But hasty criticism of Nikita Khrushchev rushed, not really delving into the essence, to criticize the new initiative of the master, once again he was trapped.

A video in which Mikhalkov professional shave in the interior of the Russian Empire of the 19th century, scattered on the Internet media and blogs almost instantly. Numerous commentators have drawn attention to the Imperial uniform of a Director, a reference to the film “the Barber of Siberia” and the usual cameo of Alexander Adabashyan. The General conclusion was unanimous – Mikhalkov is going to open his own barbershop, though nothing like in the video have not been approved.

However, the response to this assumption is clearly shown that the Director has a close-knit team of detractors. These people are always ready to discuss everything that is somehow connected with the name of Nikita, and immediately unleashed a real HYIP, which is unprintable expressions coexisted with pseudointellectualism, but in fact, very bad jokes. And scored a – from news articles in the media to gossip in popular telegrams channels.

An unexpected outcome came when Mikhalkov has released another video with explanation of what is happening. It turns out that narrow-minded opponents of the Director took over the promotional campaign men’s Barber shop, is a viral advertising of the Academy of motion picture and performing arts N. S. Mikhalkov. Playing graceful gambit, mater lured inveterate critics in the trap and masterfully turned the situation to their advantage. As they say, a man of genius, a genius in everything…

It should be noted that a certain, very narrow, but very noisy part of the Russian society, as for Nikita Mikhalkov, immediately and even in advance is obstructed. The fast food chain’s “Eat at home” has not even started to work, and from derogatory reviews on the Internet closely. The film “solar strike” in the strongest criticized long before the official premiere. And so on and so forth. Price the opinion of all these experts, Mikhalkov demonstrated on the example virtual barbershop LeBarbierdeSiberie. In fact, reminding his opponents of the old is that sometimes it really is better to chew than to speak.

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